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MPEP Q & A 51: Correspondence Address in Applications Filed Before September 16, 2012

Question: Where must the correspondence address appear in applications filed before September 16, 2012? Answer: The correspondence address in applications filed before September 16, 2012 must appear either in an application data sheet or in a clearly identifiable manner elsewhere in any papers submitted with an application filing. Chapter Details: The answer to this question can […]

MPEP Q & A 49: Correspondence to a Different Address for a Supplemental Examination Proceeding

Question: How can a patent owner get the Office to send correspondence to a different address for the supplemental examination proceeding? Answer: If the patent owner desires the Office to send correspondence to a different address, then a new power of attorney must be filed in the patent for which supplemental examination is requested and […]

MPEP Q & A 46: Item of Information that Raises a Substantial New Question of Patentability

Question: When does an item of information raise a substantial new question of patentability or SNQ? Answer: An item of information raises an SNQ where there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable examiner would consider the item of information important in deciding whether or not the claim is patentable unless the same question was […]

MPEP Q & A 45: Timing of Demand for International Preliminary Examination

Question: When must the Demand for international preliminary examination be made? Answer: The Demand must be made prior to the expiration of whichever of the following periods expires later: (A) three months from the date of transmittal to the applicant of the international search report or of the declaration referred to in PCT Article 17(2)(a), […]