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March 2014 Updates to the PES-System Patent Bar Review

March was a busy month for us at Patent Education Series. Here’s a rundown of what we accomplished: 1. The entire online Patent Bar program now runs on Mac’s, iPad’s, iPhones, tablets, and most Smart phones. That’s right.  All the quizzes and tools will run on just about any device so you’re not limited to […]

Salary Ranges for Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys

Everyone wants to know how much they’ll be making as a patent agent or attorney, but unfortunately it’s a difficult question to answer. That’s because your salary will vary due to a number of outside factors. We’ve put together a list of the factors that will help determine your exact salary along with research of […]

25 Must Read Articles on the America Invents Act

The world of patent law is all abuzz over the America Invents Act. If you need to brush up on what the AIA is about (whether you’re preparing for the Patent Bar exam or you’re a patent practitioner, an inventor, small business owner, or an entrepreneur) here are the top 25 must read articles for […]