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MPEP Q & A 4: Written Authority to Grant Access to a Provisional Application

Question: Name two individuals who through written authority may grant access to a provisional application. Answer: In provisional applications, access will only be given to parties with written authority from the following: a named inventor the assignee of record the attorney or agent of record or, for an application filed on or after September 16, […]

MPEP Q & A 3: Significant Differences Between Nonprovisional and Provisional Applications

Question: List two significant differences between nonprovisional applications and provisional applications. Answer: The following list includes significant differences between nonprovisional applications and provisional applications: No claim is required in a provisional application. No oath or declaration is required in a provisional application. Provisional applications will not be examined for patentability. A provisional application is not […]

MPEP Q & A 2: Correspondence That May Not be Transmitted by Facsimile

Question: Name two types of correspondence that may not be transmitted by facsimile. Answer: Facsimile transmissions are not permitted and, if submitted, will not be accorded a date of receipt in the following situations: A document that is required by statute to be certified A national patent application specification and drawing (provisional or nonprovisional) or […]

MPEP Q & A 1: Major Types of Patent Status

Question: What are the 3 major types of patent status? Answer: The 3 major types of patent status include: pending applications, abandoned applications, and issued patents. Chapter Details: The answer to this question can be found in chapter 100 of the MPEP. This chapter covers Secrecy, Access, National Security, and Foreign Filing. The question and […]

2015 Patent Statistics: An In-Depth Look in Charts and Graphs

Patents are big business for individuals, corporations, and even governments. According to USPTO sources, 325,979 patents were granted in 2015. The following article delves into more details on 2015 patent statistics in charts and graphs. Table of Contents: 1. Patent Types 2. Utility Patents 2.1 U.S. vs. Foreign Origination 2.2 Top Patent Producing Countries 2.3 […]

March 16th, 2016 Patent Bar Updates

The online version of the PES Patent Bar Review course was completely updated for the March 16, 2016 changes in February.  The new changes revolve around the switch from the Edition 9 MPEP + exam notices to Edition 9, Revision 07.2015 MPEP + exam notices. We estimate that we spent around 350 hours of time getting […]

Update on 07.2015 Patent Bar Review Course

As you may realize by now, the Patent Bar exam will be updated starting March 16th, 2016. The updates include the switch from the 9th Edition MPEP to the 9th Edition, Revision 07.2015 which includes many changes (and a brand new chapter). While March 16th is still over two months away, I’d like to update […]

State of the Patent Bar in 2016

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is right around the corner. Therefore, we’d like to give you some information on the state of the Patent Bar. This includes the new updates planned for next year. Breaking Down the Different MPEP Versions The 9th Edition of the MPEP is dated as being created in November 2013 (and […]

Thane Andrew of The Patent Illustrator Talks Patent Drafting

The following is an interview with Thane Andrew, founder and owner of The Patent Illustrator LLC. The Patent Illustrator provides patent drawings and designs for patent applications. Even if you’re not interested in starting a career as a patent drafter, Thane’s interview has valuable information on patent drawings which is relevant to virtually everyone in […]

Patent Bar Review Course September 2015 Upgrades

Are you thinking about preparing for the Patent Bar exam?  It’s our goal to create the most efficient and streamlined course available.  Here’s a quick list of the latest additions to our Patent Bar review course: 1. We’ve added in a Social Community. The community is just getting started, but it’s our hope that you’ll […]