MPEP Classification Quiz #1

MPEP Chapter Number to Chapter Name Matching Quiz Difficulty Level:  Easy What it Covers:  MPEP Classification Type of Quiz:  Matching Click here to take the Quiz! When taking this matching quiz you will be asked to match the MPEP chapter numbers on the left with the MPEP chapter names on the right.  Once you launch […]

Sonia Lakhany, IP Attorney at Lakhany Law, PC

Sonia Lakhany Trademark lawyer and Managing Attorney at Lakhany Law, PC in Atlanta, Georgia, which is her boutique IP practice focusing on trademark and copyright. Instructor for the Trademark Institute of Training. Five years in the IP law profession.

Gregory S. Rosenblatt, Partner at Wiggin and Dana

Gregory S. Rosenblatt Partner at Wiggin and Dana 28 Years in the IP Law profession. How did you get into a career in IP law? I have a degree in Materials Science and Engineering, a degree in science or technology is a requirement for admission to the Patent Bar.  I was working as an engineer […]

Mark Costello, VP, General Patent Counsel, Chief Strategy Counsel, Xerox Corporation

Mark Costello VP, General Patent Counsel, Chief Strategy Counsel at Xerox Corporation 33 years in the IP law profession. How did you get into a career in IP law? During engineering school at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, I realized that, while I loved engineering and science, it was not something I wanted to […]

New Features Include Tracking Widgets, MPEP Frequency Charts, MPEP Mind Maps and Outlines

We have spent the last year continuously improving on our Patent Bar review course and this past month was no exception. Three new major features were added to the course. You can see the new features in action in the demo if you’d like.  This article covers each of the new features in detail along […]

Patent Bar Exam 2014: A Year in Review

This year we focused on making your experience better, with new features and improvements that will make preparing for the Patent Bar exam a smoother experience. We wanted to recap some of the exciting changes that were released this year and also want to take the opportunity to wish you a safe and happy holiday […]

Course Upgrades: MPEP Section Summaries Plus AIA Icons

Our Patent Bar course now includes summaries for each and every section of the MPEP to help you get through the material faster and focus. Here’s a screenshot of a couple of summaries taken right from the course: All-in-all we’ve written well over 500 summaries. There are several subheadings within each heading as the MPEP really drills […]

9th Edition MPEP: Updated Review Course for the Post-October 4th, 2014 Patent Bar

If you visit the website then you realize the Patent Bar exam has started testing over the MPEP 9th Edition as of October 4th, 2014.  Every test after that date will cover this new version of the MPEP. What Exactly does That Mean For You as a Test Taker? If you haven’t started preparing […]

How to Study for the Patent Bar Exam

The Patent Bar is a difficult test to prepare for no matter how you’re going about it. Whether you’re studying the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) on your own, reviewing a home study course, or taking a live class, the sheer volume of legalese can be difficult for even the most dedicated individual. In this […]

Updates to the Patent Bar Exam Beginning October 4th, 2014

The PTO made an announcement on their website in early July that they will start testing over the 9th Edition of the MPEP beginning October 4th, 2014. And beginning October 4th, 2014 the Patent Bar will also cover a few supplements. These include the following: -> Consolidated Patent Laws Including Changes Implementing the Patent Law […]