AI and Patent Law: Discover AI Technologies and How They Intersect with Patent Law

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Length: 2 hrs 5 min

AI has the potential to add around $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

AI patent applications are increasing each year – here are a couple of examples:

☑️Example #1

Aidoc’s AI-powered platform analyzes CT scans and automatically detect issues such as brain hemorrhages, pulmonary embolisms, and cervical spine fractures, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment.

☑️Example #2

Kensho’s AI-powered platform enables users to analyze complex financial data and extract insights. This types of analysis results in making better investment decisions.

The impact of AI on the patent system is significant.

Here are a few examples of the impact:


AI has the potential to transform various aspects of patent filing, examination, enforcement, and management making it a more efficient process.

Patent Search

AI-powered tools assist in patent search and analysis, making it easier for inventors, patent attorneys, and researchers to navigate the vast landscape of patent data.

Patent Analysis

AI-driven patent analysis techniques leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to extract valuable insights from patent data.

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AI and Patent Law Course Outline

Take a look at exactly what you’ll learn in this training:

Module I. Introduction to AI and Patent Law

▶️ Introduction [00:24]
▶️ Lesson 1: Overview of Patent Law [03:38]
▶️ Lesson 2: Importance of AI in Today’s World [10:05]
▶️ Lesson 3: The Intersection of Patent Law and AI [05:30]

Module II. Fundamentals of Patent Law

▶️ Introduction [00:37]
▶️ Lesson 1: Definition and Purpose of Patents [3:28]
▶️ Lesson 2: Types of Patents [3:19]
▶️ Lesson 3: Patent Eligibility Requirements [5:35]
▶️ Lesson 4: The Patent Application Process [4:18]

Module III. Artificial Intelligence Basics

▶️ Introduction [00:46]
▶️ Lesson 1: Defining Artificial Intelligence [3:58]
▶️ Lesson 2: Key AI Technologies and Applications [3:31]
▶️ Lesson 3: AI Development and Innovation Trends [7:43]

Module IV. Patentability of AI Technologies

▶️ Introduction [00:54]
▶️ Lesson 1: Patent Eligibility of AI Inventions [6:11]
▶️ Lesson 2: Challenges and Considerations in AI Patenting [3:10]
▶️ Lesson 3: Case Studies of AI-Related Patents [6:02]

Module V. AI in Patent Search and Analysis

▶️ Introduction [00:36]
▶️ Lesson 1: AI-Powered Tools for Patent Search [2:52]
▶️ Lesson 2: AI-Driven Patent Analysis Techniques [3:55]
▶️ Lesson 3: Benefits and Limitations of AI in Patent Research [3:49]

Module VI. AI and Patent Infringement Issues

▶️ Introduction [00:46]
▶️ Lesson 1: AI-Generated Inventions and Inventorship [3:35]
▶️ Lesson 2: AI-Assisted Patent Infringement Analysis [3:24]
▶️ Lesson 3: Ethical Concerns Surrounding AI and Patent Infringement [4:07]

Module VII. Future Perspectives on AI and Patent Law

▶️ Introduction [00:45]
▶️ Lesson 1: Future Trends and Developments in AI Patenting [7:26]
▶️ Lesson 2: Potential Impact of AI on the Patent System [5:48]
▶️ Lesson 3: Legal and Policy Considerations for AI [4:34]

Module VIII. Wrap Up of AI and Patent Law

▶️ Wrap Up [00:51]
▶️ Lesson 1: Recap of Key Concepts [3:31]
▶️ Lesson 2: The Importance of Staying Informed [3:43]
▶️ Lesson 3: Continuous Learning and Exploration [2:57]

Here’s an Example Video:

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AI and Patent Law

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