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Hear from 70+ PES patent bar review
course clients who passed the exam.

Clients include those from these and other prestigious establishments:

“I highly recommend the course”

“I Passed the exam with one month of INTENSE (Average 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 4 weeks) studying using almost exclusively this course with no prior legal background or experience with the patent system. I highly recommend the course if you are willing to put in the time and commitment.”


Passed exam Sep 30, 2020

“I’d give especially high praise to the video courses”

Thanks for your excellent prep course Lisa; it’s absolutely the reason I was able to study effectively and pass the test. I liked the online format, I found the material very effectively replicated the feel of sitting the exam, and I appreciated that your replies to my emails were always prompt and helpful.

I’d give especially high praise to the video courses, and the PatExam system was excellent practice compared to other courses I tested out …

Best wishes,


Passed exam May 28, 2021

“I passed the patent bar today!”

Hello Lisa:

Just wanted you to know that I passed the patent bar today!

… Thank you again.


Passed exam Sep 13, 2021

“I Found PES’s Patent Bar Review Course to be a Great Value and Would Recommend It”

“I passed the patent bar exam last week after five months of intensive studying using the Patent Education Series review materials. I had no previous practical experience with or knowledge of intellectual property law or patent prosecution. PES’ Patent Training Workshop was a good starting point to get an overview of the MPEP before delving into the details. The topic exams helped me fully understand the topics covered while allowing me to get accustomed to the format of the actual test questions. The PatExam engine helped me develop the stamina and confidence to take the actual test. PES’s community platform was helpful as it allowed me to ask for help understanding things that were more complex. Lastly, in the days prior to my exam date, I listened to the Patent Bar MPEP Podcast. The Podcasts jogged my memory on numerous topics and gave me confidence that I could recall lots of random facts on the test day. I found PES’s patent bar review course to be a great value and would recommend it.”

-Passed the exam in January 2021

Meenal Deshmukh

“Responsible For My Pass On My First Time Taking the Exam!”

“I just got a preliminary pass result today after using your program exclusively to prepare! It was really helpful in getting a handle on all of the material. The guidebooks and workbook quizzes were especially helpful. I didn’t have much patent experience going into preparing, so I had a lot to learn. The topic exams and simulator sessions were helpful in getting a sense for timing and practicing searching the MPEP and remembering where stuff is.

… the program was hugely helpful and definitely responsible for my pass on my first time taking the exam! Thanks!”

-Passed exam September 25th, 2019
David Lee

“I Passed on My First Try”

“The PES study course was essential to my preparation in studying for the patent bar. I passed on my first try and can confidently say I would not have had a reasonable chance at doing so if it weren’t for the materials and practice exams presented in the course.”

-Passed exam Aug 31, 2020
Name with-held

“Prepared for the Exam Using PES Exclusively, and It Was Great!”

“I’m a recent PhD graduate in genetics and molecular biology. I have a bit of technology commercialization experience from working in my university’s tech transfer office, but I don’t have any real IP experience. I want to work as a patent agent, but I was a little worried about taking the patent bar without having the context of being in the field already. I prepared for the exam using PES exclusively, and it was great! I got my provisional pass today! The guidebook and workbook quizzes were especially helpful in getting a handle on the huge amount of material. Thanks!”

-Passed exam Sept 25th, 2019
Name with-held

“Passed the Patent Bar Exam”

Just letting you know I passed the patent bar exam in October 2019 on my first try.


-Passed exam Oct 2019
Nathan L.

“Your Course Was Invaluable”

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam.

Your course was invaluable in helping me achieve this success. Most difficult exam I have ever taken.”

-Passed exam Nov 18th, 2019
Eric B.

“Good morning!

I took the exam last Thursday, and finally passed! I have had a plenty of help from your resources since last five or six months, which was very helpful to build my patent legal mind.”

-Passed the exam September 2020
Jeenam Park

“Did a Great Job of Presenting a Massive Amount of Material”

“I passed the patent bar on my first attempt after using the PES course. I’ve been a practicing electrical engineer (chip design) for the past 20 years. I have a number of granted patents, so I am somewhat familiar with the patent process, but I have had no formal legal training. The PES course did a great job of presenting a massive amount of material in a way that someone without a legal background could digest. The quizzes and exams are very helpful to become familiar with the style and design of questions on the actual registration exam. I would highly recommend the course to any engineers looking to pass the patent bar.”

-Passed the exam on January 7th, 2019

Name with-held

“This Review Course Helped A Lot”

“I still can’t believe it I made it. It was one of the hardest tests I have taken in my life. Study is very important. DO NOT try to just learn how to reply. There is a logic behind every question. The trick, at least for me, was to find the legal logic behind the questions. Also, very important to me (and this review course helped a lot) memorize how to search for the answers. I still feel the “wow” effect of passing it.”

-Passed the exam on March 14th, 2019


“The Program Was Fantastic”

“I passed! … The program was fantastic, and it provided more than enough material. It was nice to be able to tailor it to my needs too. Since I need a lot of repetition to remember things, I did all of the practice questions, which I found drove home the concepts and organization of the MPEP the most, twice over 3 weeks. So for me, the practice questions were the most helpful. But for other people, maybe reading the rules themselves over and over helps them more, and the guidebooks were great at clearly and neatly organizing the massive amount of material.

Thanks again for making the last test of my life (really hoping so badly that’s the case) go so smoothly, and good luck with the program going forward!”

-Passed exam January 5th, 2018

Dominic Y.

“Wonderfully Strategic Program”

“The Patent Education Series has developed a wonderfully strategic program for learning the material and acquiring the skills to study for and pass the patent bar exam!”

-Passed exam June 25th, 2018

Name with-held

“Only Had About 2.5 Weeks to Prep for the Test, Which I Passed”

“I was very pleased with the thorough coverage of the topics and the updated questions especially related to the AIA. Using Microsoft Edge’s “Read Aloud” feature (with speed maxed out), I could consume these materials rapidly for 10 hours per day. I only had about 2.5 weeks to prep for the test, which I passed. I used another service 6 months prior, and I found this was very complementary and, more importantly, better updated.”

-Passed exam Jan 2nd, 2019

Name with-held

“Good Job Covering the Material”

“I thought the course did a good job covering the material, especially the Appendices, those were fantastic.”

-Passed the exam on May 23rd, 2018

Name with-held

“Great Job Covering the AIA”

“The course did a great job covering the AIA (I know it’s difficult since it’s still relatively new on the test), but I wasn’t really expecting it to be that heavy on post AIA law. I passed, so clearly the course was more than adequate in preparing me on post AIA.”

-Passed the exam on December 23rd, 2017

Name with-held

“Highly Recommended!”

“The review course was very helpful. Thanks to the materials, quizzes and exam simulator, I passed on my first try. The study plans were extremely helpful for planning and organizing my schedule. Lisa, the founder, was very kind and supportive during the entire process. Highly recommended!”

-Passed the exam on October 23rd, 2017

M. Valentin

Simulated Questions Very Similar to Questions on Exam

“This course was extremely helpful to prepare for the patent bar, and thanks to the PES study materials, I passed on my first try! The course does a good job of stepping you through the basics and then testing you on each subject you’ve just studied, to make sure you were learning the material. At the end there is a large bank of simulated exam questions that felt very similar to the questions I saw on exam day.”

-Passed exam May 23, 2017
Dr. Michael S. Cordray, Ph.D.

“Currently Working in the Field”

“I really appreciate all the support offered by PES and Lisa. Lisa was terrific as well as all her materials. I’m currently working in the field and I know my employer is also excited – it’s like a baby taking their first few steps. Again, thank you for all the help!”

-Passed exam March 6, 2017
Drew, Registered Patent Agent

“Everything Needed to Pass the Exam”

“This course has everything needed to pass the exam and it was laid out in a logical and easy to follow progression. The breakdown of the frequent topics were relevant to what was asked on the exam and the practice tests and quizzes were very helpful in passing the exam.”

-Passed exam March 10, 2017
LM, Registered Patent Attorney

I passed! I was able to prepare and take the patent bar exam during law school thanks to this course. This reasonably priced course gave me not only the passing score but also essential knowledge for becoming a patent attorney. Thank you.

Mark, Patent Attorney

Passed the exam on January 4, 2017

“Passed with 6 Months of Diligent Studying”

“I thought the course was really well laid out; a good way of covering the material.”

-Passed exam September 26, 2016
Josh C., Patent Agent

Passed the Exam on March 30th, 2016

“I followed this course using the 6 month study plan. I didn’t follow it exactly, but i got through all of the material and took about 4 simulated exams. I am happy to say that I passed on my first try! I was worried that this course might not be extensive as the other, more expensive options, but man was I wrong. This has everything you need. By taking many simulated exams, I was able to get myself to a point where I had at least an hour on each half of the exam to go over questions I was uncertain on.”

– Passed exam March 30th, 2016 
Mike B.

“Very Well Thought Out and Organized Course”

“This is a very well thought out and organized course. The materials are up to date, well vetted for relevance, and the PES staff was extremely helpful when it came to answering my questions about the exam and the materials presented. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about sitting for the USPTO Registration Examination.”

– Passed exam March 7th, 2016 
Vincent J. Wegher P.E., Esq.

“No Way I Could Have Done it Without You!”

“1 week of intense studying and I passed!! All while still attending law school classes. No way I could have done it without you!”

We asked Alyssa how she was able to accomplish this (she had no background in patent law and had never tried to take the exam before). Here is what she said …

“I relied on the chapter rankings in the guidebooks and hit those chapters hard in the workbook. I also relied on some blog posts about what chapters were concentrated on in recent tests and hit those chapters as well. Overall, I managed to get through 50% of the material in the workbooks – I had over 300 pages worth of notes typed up. I’m not sure how many hours I put into it, but I was studying every waking moment for the preceding week with the exception of one night that I took off for my sanity. I also put quite a bit of time into the practice exam engine to be sure I knew the chapters and where to find information in the MPEP. I had time to look up all of the questions I wasn’t sure about, but I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the base of knowledge I had. There are some questions that are purely based on knowledge and are not able to be looked up, but I can’t say any more than that because I signed the non-disclosure.

Obviously I wouldn’t recommend that anyone take the path I did, but it *is* possible if willing to put the time and effort into it.”


“A Cost-Effective, Efficient Way to Prepare for Successful Completion of the Patent Bar”

“Dear Lisa and Patent Education Series,

Thank you for working with me to help me pass the exam today … I am so happy I was able to succeed using your program and the personalized experience that I got with it.

The updates to the program are definitely worth it. The best part is the patexam engine. It is also impossible to pass without really learning how to best use the chapters of the MPEP, which the guidebook section teaches well.

I will always remember and recommend your course as a cost-effective, efficient way to prepare for successful completion of the patent bar.Thank you for designing a user friendly program that helped me pass the patent bar exam!! Cheers,”

A.C.M., Patent Agent

“Thank You For All Your Help!”

“I sat for the patent bar exam last week and passed! I passed after 3 months with your course.  I had spent about 3 months using a different site but didn’t like how they presented the material.  I failed using their material so started over with you.  Much preferred the environment, and liked the larger number of quizzes and questions as it is how I learn most effectively, (a.o.t. reading, taking notes etc.). Thank you for all your help!”

Graham, Patent Agent

Hi Lisa, I am writing back to inform you that I passed the patent bar exam! Thanks for the feedback in our email exchanges and for creating the PES materials, which I have found helpful and which I felt prepared me for the patent bar exam. I found that PES especially helped me to understand MPEP navigation, which I felt was critical for the patent bar exam.

T.E. passed the exam on May 28, 2017

“Questions Synced Well with Actual Questions on Test Day”

“I passed the patent bar exam that I took on March 1 thanks to your Patent Education Series training. I really appreciated the user-friendly interface, questions following each chapters as well as the topic exams. They were very timely and synced well with the actual questions I received on test day. Having multiple different-duration schedules from which to choose from was also helpful in planning out my course of study particularly since I am in law school with a busy schedule. Thank you so much for your emails, updates, and for an overall fantastic course!”

-Passed exam April 18, 2017
Julian, Patent Agent

“Passed With 7 Months of Studying”

I spent seven months studying this course before I passed my exam. The first five months were the most intense working period during which I spent about 5 hours a day on my studying.

– Passed exam August 5th, 2016
Name with-held

“Great Study Tool”

“PES was a great study tool for me.  I became very familiar with the types of questions I would see on the exam.  Thankfully my hard work payed off!

I spent 6 months preparing for the test.  Average of about 8-10 hours of study per week.  The last month or so was solely exam simulator, with two full length exams taken on the two days prior to the actual exam.”

– Passed exam March 11th, 2016
SEK, Registered Patent Agent

“Right to the Heart of What the USPTO Tests on the Patent Bar”

“…I officially began studying for the patent bar on Jan 15, allowing myself three months to prepare. I did most of my studying on weekends, roughly following the schedule you set forth in your review materials. I got through all of the materials about three weeks prior to the test. I spent those last three weeks just going over all the past exam questions.”

“I took the exam in Chicago … I thought the exam was fairly straightforward, and recognized many of the same (or very similar) questions from past exams. I only had to look up perhaps 10 questions during the morning session, and maybe another 10 during the afternoon session…”

“Yesterday, I checked the USPTO’s website and noticed that the pass list has now been posted for the April test. I passed the test, which is a great relief as I am now preparing for the state bar exam. I thank you for your assistance, as I believe your materials were critical to my success. Your summarized MPEP does a great job of getting right to the heart of what the USPTO tests on the patent bar. Further, your book of past exam questions really helped me to prepare. Thank you again–I know two people that will be taking the patent bar this fall, and I’ll be sure to direct them to your website for review material.”

Scott R., California Patent Attorney

“Perfect for Someone Who has No Law Background”

“Thank you for creating such great study materials for such a great price – I passed the exam on the first try! Your materials are perfect for someone who has no law background whatsoever. Your outline breaks down the MPEP and commonly asked exam questions/answers in plain English. The other course I ordered, xxx, simply regurgitated the dry MPEP – big waste of money. I will definitely recommend your study materials. Thanks again …”

Brett R., Patent Agent

“Made All the Difference”

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam today! Thank you for providing such a great online study course. It really made all the difference. Thanks!”

Whitney F., Patent Agent

I passed the USPTO Patent Bar Exam on my first go using Patent Education Series. I think your tools prepared me well for the exam. I am very happy with the whole experience. Thanks.

S Delaney, Patent Agent

Passed the Exam on the First Try With Only 1 Month of Study

“Hello Lisa: I don’t know how many “Thank you’s” I should say to express my appreciation. Due to a time conflict, I eventually only had one month to prepare for the Patent Bar. Your books helped me a lot and assisted me to pass this exam in the first try. Thank you.”

Boyuan Wang

“Very Effective and Easy to Use”

“I passed the exam back in July and received my registration number shortly after. The interface you guys offer is very effective and easy to use. I couldn’t recall the details of the questions right after the exam, but I can say that following the guide was key to passing on exam day. I’ll be sure to recommend Patent Education Series to individuals at our firm interested in taking the Patent Bar. Many thanks to you and your team. Best Regards,”

Saul, Patent Attorney

“Thank You For Your Website”

“I have just passed the bar; I want to thank you for your website which was very useful to study for this exam!!!”

Laurent C., Patent Agent

“Instrumental in Training Me”

“PES exams are actually more difficult than any practice exam published by the USPTO (I cursed them while I studied) but turned out to be instrumental in training me to know subject matter I needed and aiding me in my ability to know where in the MPEP subject matter could be found. The study section and advise regarding knowing chapters and what subject matter is in each was the most helpful section of all! Topic exams helped immensely! The old USPTO exam content is just not enough anymore. I really needed the quizzes exams and advise from PES to succeed! I already have clients calling me, thank you Lisa and PES!”

C.L., Patent Agent

Passed with 2.5 Months of Preparations

“Since I was starting law school this fall, I was advised (by a local patent attorney) to try and pass the USPTO exam before law school began taking most of my time. Therefore, near the end of June, I embarked on a 2.5 month studying mission, with a test date of September 4th. Thanks to PES, I knew more about the MPEP than if I had tried to read it myself. After a grueling six-hour exam, I have passed. Thanks, PES!”

Name withheld to protect privacy

“This is a Great Course”

“After failing 3 times I finally decided to actually study, and what do you know – I finally passed. And you DO have to study. Even if you aced Patent Law, substantial prosecution details found only in the MPEP are tested on the exams. Do all of the guidebook quizzes and all questions in the PatExam Engine. This is a great course.”


I passed the exam at the first attempt! Thank you for the website. I found it to be very helpful and very well laid out. Following the lesson plan helped guide me through the MPEP chapters, and I found the explanations invaluable when trying to understand the legal phrases. Thank you for all the help. I think this course is well worth the money.

Steven Burgess, Patent Agent

“Passed With 3 Months of Studying”

“I used the 3-month study plan pretty diligently. 3 months of studying at about 12 hours per week. About 150 hours total.”

“If you are a good self-studier then Patent Education Series is clearly the best option available to pass the Patent Bar. They provide the material necessary in a very logical manner in order to learn and understand the information necessary to pass the exam. This study program saved me thousands of dollars that it would have cost to purchase a similar program. Thank you PES and especially Lisa for your quick responses to e-mail!”

Ross, Patent Agent

“Passed With 4 Months of Studying”

“I thought the whole course was helpful. I started with the xxx course and felt like I was drowning in info, yours is nicely organized and easy to sort through.”

Name with-held to protect privacy

“Passed with 10 Weeks of Preparations”

“Good news, I passed the Patent Bar yesterday. Total study time turned out to be 10 weeks for me. Your products study materials – particularly the outlines – were great. Thanks”

R.F., Patent Agent

“I passed the exam after studying six months, beginning with your books which provided a solid foundation for the bulk of my effort — reading and studying the MPEP and taking tests with the simulator. I recommend two full readings. Kudos on your test simulator; it is an excellent and indispensable tool for developing skills necessary to answer the USPTO questions. An important element in passing the exam is becoming familiar with USPTO language – syntax, phraseology, and terms… Overall, I rate the PES program as highly satisfactory. Thanks very much.”

Michael R. Atlanta, PhD, Patent Agent

“Gradual Increase in Substance was Great at Helping Me Retain the Material”

“I took the patent bar around August 8, and I passed. There is absolutely no way I could have passed that test without the materials you sent me in your course, they helped me tremendously. The course prepared me very well, the lesson plan and gradual increase in substance was great at helping me retain the material.”

“Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without your course.”

Preston Imperatore, Patent Agent

“Passed With Only 6 Weeks of Study”

“I took the exam on Wednesday, 8 Feb 06. Preliminary results are that I passed. It is unlikely I would have been able to pass with only six weeks of study without the materials your course provides. Going in to the test, I felt extremely prepared.

This particular test was, in my opinion, wicked and nasty. I was constantly under time pressure, but the preparation provided by your course materials gave me the confidence and skill I needed to be able to search out and find the obscure answers required. Thanks for the course. Sincerely,”

Rich W., Patent Attorney

This is to let you know that I passed the USPTO exam. I found your materials to be highly effective as test preparation and would recommend your course over the more expensive alternatives. For doing practice exams your materials were far more useful than the other course I purchased. Having an outline that uses the exact phrases and terminology found on the exam was very helpful and your indices were better too.

Michael L., Vermont Patent Attorney

Passed the Exam on April 5th, 2016

“Yay, I passed! [I studied] off and on for about a year,  but intensely for 2-2.5 months. Hours per week–not sure,  but between 20 and 40.”

– Passed the exam on April 5th, 2016 

“I passed! BWAHAHAHAHA!”


“Thank You for Your Tremendous Materials…”

“I used your materials exclusively to prepare for and to take the April 2003 Patent Bar Examination. I was fortunate enough to pass that exam and further fortunate enough to secure an associate position with a northern Virginia patent firm. Very Sincerely,

Dan T., Patent Attorney

“Great Product and Well Worth the Cost”

“I passed the test a few days ago after using the PES product for 6 months. Having to work full time, on average I spent 2-3 hrs on weekday evenings and 5-6 hrs on weekends. PES offers a very organized course structure that really helps test takers with little to no patent law background. Customer support is great, email response is timely and to the point. They are also keen on making improvements to the web interface based on customer suggestions. It is a great product and well worth the cost.”

Name withheld to protect privacy

“Very Prepared Going Into the Exam With the Help of Your Materials”

“I am happy to report that I passed the patent bar exam today. I was very happy with your study program. As you may recall, I had failed the exam twice after using the xxx program. I felt very prepared going into the exam with the help of your materials.”

Name with-held to protect privacy

“Passed With 18 Weeks of Study”

“I felt that the Guidebook was extremely beneficial because it isolated the most pertinent information and summarized it well. It was nice to know which subjects to focus on.”

Nathan Strong, Patent Agent

Just wanted to contact IP Enterprises and inform you guys that I passed the Patent Bar today. After 3 months of studying and hardwork, I want to thank you for the materials. The material not only prepares you for the test but provides an understanding of Patent prosecution. Thanks again.

A.K., Patent Agent

“Perfectly Designed for the Patent Bar”

“I just wanted to let you know how valuable I found your materials. Your materials were the only things I reviewed. I do not do patent law in my job. During the test, I found your manual to be easy to navigate, all the answers were right there. Even the most obscure details designed to trip you up were right there. I passed on my first try.”

“I really appreciated the course you put together. It was perfectly designed for the Patent Bar … ”

Barry M., Patent Attorney

“I Can’t Believe It!”

“I just received word today from the PTO that I passed last October’s exam. I’m so excited, I can’t believe it.”

“Your study materials worked very well. It shows that one doesn’t have to spend $3,000 or whatever on a review course in order to pass. Just a determination to work and the proper study materials…”

“Thank you for all your timely support and patience.”

Mark S., Patent Agent

“Passed in Less than 12 Weeks”

“I took the patent bar exam today (May 14, 2007). I passed! It was my first time. I had no prior patent law experience before I received your materials back in March, 2007. Your course was very helpful and I recommend it to anyone who plans to take the patent bar exam.”

Joseph Ford, Patent Attorney

“It Covers Everything One Needs to Know”

“Hello. I would like to make some comments on the guidebook to patent law. I recently passed the new computerized patent bar exam. The only way I studied was to use your book to introduce myself to the MPEP (I read it twice), go through your workbook, and to then go over old exams while familarizing myself with the MPEP. Your book is outstanding. It gives an excellent outline for which to learn the gist of patent law. Furthermore, it covers everything one needs to know, and leaves out that which is unnecessary.”

“Although I felt like the computerized exam was more difficult than expected (I had 10 old exams to base that opinion on), your book is definitely a step in the right direction, and the new format of the exam doesn’t make your book any less helpful. I will definitely recommend your book for anyone who gets themselves caught up with interest in patent law. Sincerely,”

G.E., Patent Agent

“I Passed!”

“Prior to purchasing your course, I had absolutely no patent experience. I combined old exams with your course as my only study materials … Thanks again for providing affordable and effective study materials.”


“Thanks again”

“Two years ago I purchased the study materials from you. I finally got around to taking the test today. I really found your study program helpful.”

Ellen H.

On Friday Sept. 9 I took and passed the patent bar…Yeah! your materials were an integral part of my success. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you for your wonderful outlines and emotional support. Now to land that great job!

Janis M., Patent Attorney

“I passed the Prometric version of the patent bar exam, first try, after using your course materials. It’s a nice product.”

R.O., Patent Agent

“Thank you very much for the studying materials. I passed the exam at the first try this month. I am sure, without them, I would fail. Thanks again.”

X.L., Patent Agent

“I have recently purchased your Guidebook to Patent Law and have found it to be an excellent additional tool to study for the Patent Bar.”


“I Have Recommended and Continue to Recommend Your Course”

“I just wanted to let you know that I finally took the patent bar and passed! … I found your materials to be very helpful in guiding and focusing my studies. It was incredibly valuable to have some guidance on what would be tested most, and which topics I could safely gloss over…

I also found your exam simulator software to be a wonderful preparation tool. It was a great way to study during the last few weeks before the exam, and it was excellent practice for how the exam itself would work.

Now I just need my registration number from the PTO, and I’ll be ready to go!

Thanks very much for your wonderful materials. I have recommended and will continue to recommend your course to others who are interested in taking the patent bar.”

Krista J., Patent Agent

“Would Not Have Passed Without It “

“I passed the patent bar exam on Sept.4th. I started law school at Texas Wesleyan Law School in Fort Worth Texas on Aug 22. Your materials and course helped me pass the test. In fact, I’m sure I would not have passed without your course. The MPEP is too much to wade through on one’s own.”

R.S., Patent Agent

“Great Study System, Couldn’t Have Passed Without It”

“I purchased the patent study materials this past June and took the test last Tuesday (Nov 1st). I received a letter from the USPTO Saturday informing me that I had passed the exam! My registration paper work and fee went out in the mail this morning. Thanks for putting together a great study system, I don’t know how I could have passed without it.”

J.C., Patent Agent

“Very User-Friendly and Easily Digestable”

I passed the patent bar on my first try in July after studying your materials. I found them very user-friendly and easily digestable …. I now have my registration number and have already drafted a few patent applications. Thanks for your help! I have recommended your course to everybody that has asked me what I did to prepare.

M.C., Patent Agent

Passed by Ramping Up Preparations Right Before the Exam

I took the patent bar last weekend and got a preliminary pass. My strategy in preparing for the exam was to initially read through all the guidebook sections relatively quickly without taking notes or spending much time memorizing. I answered the quizzes at the end of every section using the MPEP for some questions.

In my opinion, by far the most important part of studying for the exam is ramping up your studying just before you take it. I did almost all of the topic exams in the 3-5 star sections within a week or two before the exam, paying special attention to the rule each question was testing and why each answer was correct.

I think anyone who does that, and continues to review the ʺhot topicʺ summaries will have a very good chance to pass. Doing both of those things will allow you to get a good number of questions quickly, and if you can do that then you can spend time looking up the ones you don’t know.

Name withheld to protect privacy

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