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Here’s What a Few of our Clients Have to Say …

“Great Online Study Course”

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam today! Thank you for providing such a great online study course. It really made all the difference. Thanks!”

Whitney F.
Patent Agent

“Thank You For All Your Help!”

“I sat for the patent bar exam last week and passed! I passed after 3 months with your course.  I had spent about 3 months using a different site but didn’t like how they presented the material.  I failed using their material so started over with you.  Much preferred the environment, and liked the larger number of quizzes and questions as it is how I learn most effectively, (a.o.t. reading, taking notes etc.). Thank you for all your help!”

Patent Agent

Passed the Exam on the First Try With Only 1 Month of Study

“Hello Lisa: I don’t know how many “Thank you’s” I should say to express my appreciation. Due to a time conflict, I eventually only had one month to prepare for the Patent Bar. Your books helped me a lot and assisted me to pass this exam in the first try. Thank you.”

Boyuan Wang

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Gain access to a Trial Account with an email walkthrough of the course.
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Completely Updated and Current …

Updated for pre- and post- September 18, 2023 exams (includes MPEP 07.2022 course materials) along with the AIA, PLTIA, and Hague Agreement.

2,447 total questions in the full course. 2,000+ of these questions were written post-AIA & post-PLTIA (these include AIA, PLTIA, PPH, and SME questions). We constantly add in new questions.

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The Patent Bar Review Course Created by Actual Patent Practitioners

We’ve been in business for over 20 years. All our materials are created and reviewed by registered patent practitioners. We look for innovative ways to teach you complicated material using educational best practices and technology.

More Client Testimonials …

“Responsible For My Pass On My First Time Taking the Exam!”

“I just got a preliminary pass result today after using your program exclusively to prepare! It was really helpful in getting a handle on all of the material. The guidebooks and workbook quizzes were especially helpful. I didn’t have much patent experience going into preparing, so I had a lot to learn. The topic exams and simulator sessions were helpful in getting a sense for timing and practicing searching the MPEP and remembering where stuff is.

… the program was hugely helpful and definitely responsible for my pass on my first time taking the exam! Thanks!”

David Lee

“Passed With 18 Weeks of Study”

“I felt that the Guidebook was extremely beneficial because it isolated the most pertinent information and summarized it well. It was nice to know which subjects to focus on.”

Nathan Strong
Utah Patent Agent

“I Found the Explanations Invaluable”

“I passed the exam at the first attempt! Thank you for the website. I found it to be very helpful and very well laid out. Following the lesson plan helped guide me through the MPEP chapters, and I found the explanations invaluable when trying to understand the legal phrases. Thank you for all the help. I think this course is well worth the money.”

Steven Burgess
Patent Agent

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