If You Want a Career Change that Truly Leverages Your Education and Experience in Science or Engineering, Watch this Free Video Training Series Now …

Patent Education Series Has Been Helping Scientists and Engineers
Transition into a Career in Patent Law Since 2001.

As a scientist or engineer, you have a unique background that enables you to understand complex inventions. This background is highly desirable by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and inventors alike. That’s why patent law is a great career for scientists and engineers to transition into.

In addition, patent law is often a higher-paying career than science or engineering. If you’re considering a career change, then becoming a patent agent or patent attorney may be the perfect career move for you.

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    Here’s a breakdown of what’s in each video:

    VIDEO #1: Patent Agent & Patent Attorney Career Discovery

    Discover the top 6 reasons why many scientists and engineers transition into a career in patent law.

    VIDEO #2: Requirements to Become a Registered Patent Agent or Attorney

    Find out exactly who is eligible to take the patent bar exam and begin a career in patent law.

    VIDEO #3: About the Patent Bar Exam

    Learn details of the patent bar exam so you’re not caught off-guard.

    VIDEO #4: Patent Bar Challenges: Your Biggest Hurdles

    Learn about the 8 biggest challenges you’ll face when it comes to passing the patent bar & how to overcome them.

    VIDEO #5: Pass the Patent Bar on Your First Try Even with No Prior Law Background

    Learn the best methods and strategies for passing the patent bar exam even with no prior law background.

    Free Video Series: Starting a Career in Patent Law and Passing the Patent Bar Exam.

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