Why Didn’t I Pass the Patent Bar? I Studied Hard!

If you’ve failed the patent bar exam, USPTO statistics show that you’re not alone. Each year, more than half the people taking this exam don’t pass it. Although many review companies would like you to believe their particular review course makes all the difference, buyers of each can still go on to fail the exam. Most […]

MPEP Q & A 120: What May an Applicant do in Response to a Rejection Based on Failure to Claim Patent-Eligible Subject Matter?

Question: What may an applicant do in response to a rejection based on failure to claim patent-eligible subject matter? Answer: In response to a rejection based on failure to claim patent-eligible subject matter, applicant may: Amend the claim, e.g., to add additional elements or modify existing elements so that the claim as a whole amounts […]

Top 5 Job Interview Tips Articles on the Web

The sweaty brow. The shaky palms. Everything about an in-person interview for a dream job screams nervousness, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you come prepared. Knowing the basics of a job interview, especially for something as distinguished as patent law, will ease your nerves and allow you to sail right through […]

How Hard Is Law School?

How hard is law school, really? This is the question many prospective students ask themselves before ever studying for the LSAT or ever visiting a law school campus. For some, the answer to this question may determine whether attending a law school is the right choice. For others, the question is meant to assess the […]

MPEP Q & A 118: Item an Appellant Must File If He or She Wishes to Reinstate an Appeal After Prosecution is Reopened

Question: What must an appellant file if he or she wishes to reinstate an appeal after prosecution is reopened? Answer: If an appellant wishes to reinstate an appeal after prosecution is reopened, appellant must file a new notice of appeal and a complete new appeal brief. Chapter Details: The answer to this question can be […]

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips Articles on the Web

You’re working on passing the patent bar exam now, but did you know there’s a lot you can do help help you find your first job even before you pass it? Networking takes time, so getting started now is the best move for your future. The Internet has an infinite amount of resources to help […]

MPEP Q & A 117: Items a ‘Corrective Document’ Must Include?

Question: An error in a recorded assignment document will be corrected by the Assignment Division provided a “corrective document” is submitted. What items must the “corrective document” include? Answer: The “corrective document” must include the following items: A copy of the original assignment document with the corrections made therein. The corrections must be initialed and […]

Using LinkedIn in Your Patent Law Job Search

What did we do before the internet became a regular part of our lives? How did we shop for jobs? What made employers want to choose us over the next applicant? How did we even find applicable postings for which to apply? While these questions are interesting from a sociological perspective, the truth is, these […]

MPEP Q & A 116: Consequence That May Result Where Patent Owner Fails to Make Timely Appeal After the Issuance of a Right of Appeal Notice

Question: What is one consequence that may result where the patent owner fails to make a timely appeal after the issuance of a Right of Appeal Notice, or where a timely patent owner’s appeal is subsequently dismissed? Answer: Where the patent owner fails to make a timely appeal after the issuance of a Right of […]