Top 5 Careers for Engineers to Transition Into

Whether you start out in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, engineering management, or in civil engineering, a career change may be in the cards for you. The employment landscape of today rewards engineering graduates with the courage and perseverance to forge a career path that applies old skills to new challenges and opportunities. Career Transition Ideas […]

MPEP Q & A 133: Correspondence That May be Transmitted by Facsimile.

Question: Name two types of correspondence that may be transmitted by facsimile. Answer: Types of correspondence which may be transmitted by facsimile include: CPAs (available for design applications only), amendments, declarations, petitions, information disclosure statements (IDS), terminal disclaimers, notices of appeal and appeal briefs, requests for continued examination (RCEs), assignment documents, issue fee transmittals and […]

12 Costly Mistakes To Avoid After College

After graduation, many students experience some post-graduation consequences that are not much fun. The majority of 2016 college graduates found themselves approximately $37,000 in student loan debt and the average is growing. In addition, many college graduates have debt in other forms like; car loans and credit card debt. This is a list of common […]

MPEP Q & A 132: What are the Three Separate and Distinct Requirements of the First Paragraph of 35 U.S.C. 112?

Question: What are the three separate and distinct requirements of the first paragraph of 35 U.S.C. 112? Answer: 35 U.S.C. 112(a) and pre-AIA 35 U.S.C. 112, first paragraph require that the specification include the following three separate and distinct requirements: A written description of the invention; The manner and process of making and using the […]

MPEP Q & A 131: What Does an Applicant Who Uses the Patent Cooperation Treaty Gain the Benefit of?

Question: What does an applicant who uses the Patent Cooperation Treaty gain the benefit of? Answer: An applicant who uses the Patent Cooperation Treaty gains the benefit of: (A) a delay in the time when papers must be submitted to the national offices; (B) an international search (to judge the level of the relevant prior […]

MPEP Q & A 130: What is a Covered Business Method Patent According to the AIA?

Question: What is a covered business method patent according to the AIA? Answer: The AIA specifies that a covered business method patent is a patent that claims a method or corresponding apparatus for performing data processing or other operations used in the practice, administration, or management of a financial product or service, except that the […]

5 Patent Law Associations You Should Consider Joining

Joining a patent law association allows members to stay at the forefront of intellectual property law. The members are made up of a diverse group of lawyers and other professionals in corporate and private practice, the academic community, law school, and government services. There are individuals from institutions, companies, and law firms who are directly […]

MPEP Q & A 129: How Applicants Can Rebut a Prima Facie Case of Obviousness Based on Overlapping Ranges?

Question: How can applicants rebut a prima facie case of obviousness based on overlapping ranges? Answer: Applicants can rebut a prima facie case of obviousness based on overlapping ranges by showing the criticality of the claimed range. In addition, an applicant can rebut a presumption of obviousness based on a claimed invention that falls within […]