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2023/2024 PES System Patent Bar Review.

Updated for the AIA and New Exam Notices Pre- and Post- September 18th, 2023. Based on the the 9th Edition, Revision 07.2022 MPEP.

“I found PES’s patent bar review course to be a great value and would recommend it. I passed the patent bar exam last week after five months of intensive studying using the Patent Education Series review materials. I had no previous practical experience with or knowledge of intellectual property law or patent prosecution.”

Our clients come from all over the globe, including the following establishments:

Quick Stats




Answering practice questions is one of the best ways to boost retention when learning new and complicated material. That’s why we offer more questions than any other course.

Questions are split up between our Patent Training Workshop, Workbook Quizzes, Quiz Decks, and PatExam Engine practice questions.

No other course is more up-to-date or incorporates more active learning strategies.

Further Stats


Risk-Free Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any reason. In addition, after you enroll, if you attempt the exam before the 12 month enrollment period ends and don’t pass it we’ll add on 6 months to your subscription. Just send us the official USPTO notice of failure within 30-days of taking the exam to get this extension. You are eligible for this extension even if you do not complete the course.


Years of Experience

Our company was created in 2001, so we have 20+ years of experience helping people pass the Patent Bar exam and start a career in patent law. Our free and paid courses have helped thousands of individuals navigate a career in patent law.


Lisa Parmley: Patent Practitioner

Created and overseen by an actual patent practitioner with a first and last name along with a registration number from the USPTO. Be wary of any course that does not list this information. Several courses currently on the market will try to con you into thinking they are created by an actual patent practitioner when they are most definitely not.

Recent Client Successes

“I’d give especially high praise to the video courses”

Thanks for your excellent prep course … it’s absolutely the reason I was able to study effectively and pass the test. I liked the online format, I found the material very effectively replicated the feel of sitting the exam, and I appreciated that your replies to my emails were always prompt and helpful.

I’d give especially high praise to the video courses, and the PatExam system was excellent practice compared to other courses I tested out …


“I Found PES’s Patent Bar Review Course to be a Great Value and Would Recommend It”

“I passed the patent bar exam last week after five months of intensive studying using the Patent Education Series review materials. I had no previous practical experience with or knowledge of intellectual property law or patent prosecution. PES’ Patent Training Workshop was a good starting point to get an overview of the MPEP before delving into the details. The topic exams helped me fully understand the topics covered while allowing me to get accustomed to the format of the actual test questions. The PatExam engine helped me develop the stamina and confidence to take the actual test … I found PES’s patent bar review course to be a great value and would recommend it.”

Meenal Deshmukh

“Responsible For My Pass On My First Time Taking the Exam!”

“I just got a preliminary pass result today after using your program exclusively to prepare! It was really helpful in getting a handle on all of the material. The guidebooks and workbook quizzes were especially helpful. I didn’t have much patent experience going into preparing, so I had a lot to learn. The topic exams and simulator sessions were helpful in getting a sense for timing and practicing searching the MPEP and remembering where stuff is.

… the program was hugely helpful and definitely responsible for my pass on my first time taking the exam! Thanks!”

David Lee


It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s definitely worth a whole lot more than the price of enrollment in our course!

All plans come with a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


Online Course (12 Months Access)


Full Online Access

Gain access to the entire online course updated for post – September 18, 2023 exams for 12-months. Does not automatically renew. Extensions are available at a reduced rate for clients who need more time.

+ Payment Plan Option
$165.00 x 4 Months ($660 total over 4 months)

Hard Copy + Online Course (12 Months Access)



Access the entire online course for 12-months + MPEP Edition 9/Revision 07.2022 print materials ready for post- September 18, 2023 exams. Print materials typically shipped out within 3 business days.

More Client Success

“The Program Was Fantastic”

“I passed! … The program was fantastic, and it provided more than enough material. It was nice to be able to tailor it to my needs too. Since I need a lot of repetition to remember things, I did all of the practice questions, which I found drove home the concepts and organization of the MPEP the most, twice over 3 weeks. So for me, the practice questions were the most helpful. But for other people, maybe reading the rules themselves over and over helps them more, and the guidebooks were great at clearly and neatly organizing the massive amount of material.

Thanks again for making the last test of my life (really hoping so badly that’s the case) go so smoothly, and good luck with the program going forward!”

Dominic Y.

“Highly Recommended!”

“The review course was very helpful. Thanks to the materials, quizzes and exam simulator, I passed on my first try. The study plans were extremely helpful for planning and organizing my schedule. Lisa, the founder, was very kind and supportive during the entire process. Highly recommended!”

M. Valentin

“Very Well Thought Out and Organized Course”

“This is a very well thought out and organized course. The materials are up to date, well vetted for relevance, and the PES staff was extremely helpful when it came to answering my questions about the exam and the materials presented. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about sitting for the USPTO Registration Examination.”

Vincent J. Wegher P.E., Esq.

Simulated Questions Very Similar to Questions on Exam

“This course was extremely helpful to prepare for the patent bar, and thanks to the PES study materials, I passed on my first try! The course does a good job of stepping you through the basics and then testing you on each subject you’ve just studied, to make sure you were learning the material. At the end there is a large bank of simulated exam questions that felt very similar to the questions I saw on exam day.”

Dr. Michael S. Cordray, Ph.D.

Overview of the Patent Bar Exam

In order to practice patent law as a Patent Agent or a Patent Attorney, you must pass the Patent Bar exam. Many test takers agree it’s one of the most difficult exams they’ve taken.

The Patent Bar is a 6 hour, 100 question, multiple choice exam. You must score 70% or higher to pass. The national pass rate hovers around 50% and reaches as low as the mid-30th percentile. The Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (called the MPEP) is the source for all the questions on the Patent Bar exam.

The MPEP is Not an Appropriate Learning Tool for Preparing for the Patent Bar Exam.

Here are a few facts about studying from the MPEP …

  • It’s not an easy read. It includes long, drawn-out laws and rules, citations to the long-drawn-out laws and rules, and endlessly lengthy paragraphs.
  • It’s well over 4,000 pages in length spread out over 29 major Chapters. Plus there’s even more material within the supplemental exam notices.
  • Not everything in the MPEP is on the exam, but without help, you won’t know what’s tested and what’s not covered on the exam.
  • It’s full of legal jargon. The authors of the MPEP do not include a glossary. None of the legal terms are explained.

Many Patent Bar candidates wind up drowning themselves in thousands of pages of legalese, becoming completely lost. As a result, they fail the exam (if they ever even attempt it at all). And they never pursue their dream of a highly lucrative career in patent law.

A Patent Bar review course will only help you prepare for this difficult exam.

The PES Patent Bar Review Takes You Through the Entire Process of Studying for the Exam

Don’t Waste Time Sifting Through the MPEP on Your Own.

If you’re like most, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of hours sifting and flailing through the MPEP. It can years of grueling study if you choose this route. And that’s with at least part-time study each and every week.

That’s time you could have spent at a new job as a Patent Agent or Attorney (accumulating experience). Or time you could have spent doing something more enjoyable than preparing for the Patent Bar exam.

Save your valuable time with a translated, condensed and outlined version of the MPEP that focuses on the tested material.

The PES-System Patent Bar Review Course Pinpoints Exactly What You Need to Know to Pass

Here are a few benefits of studying with the PES-System:


Pinpoint the commonly tested topics, laws and rules so you can spend your time more efficiently.


Minimize your efforts while maximizing your results. Reinforce your learning through a series of quiz questions.


Begin the online course immediately. Study from anywhere instead of spending your time and money on travel expenses.


Follow a structured, well-organized plan. Learn at your own pace, reviewing the material as many times as you need.

Comprehensive, Active Learning Approach

Research studies show that active learning increases knowledge and retention


Learn and understand the material. Use tools created to help you retain and apply the material.


Apply what you’re learning by taking interactive, online quizzes that test your retention and comprehension of the material.


The course includes hundreds of unique questions at every step. This is one of the many reasons why clients like you are so successful.

Follow a Proven 3-Step System for Passing the Patent Bar Exam

It’s important not to start out feeling overwhelmed.
That’s why the PES Patent Bar Review materials gradually increase in difficulty.



Patent Law builds on complex fundamentals. That’s why you need to gain patent law expertise before you start reviewing the MPEP. Learn from easy-to-understand video or audio Modules, answer Quiz questions, and scan an in-depth Glossary of over 250 terms.



Review the Guidebook and master the tested material from the MPEP through text/audio summaries and outlines. Take interactive Workbook Quizzes to help you retain the material. Work through Quiz Decks to practice with a unique, online flashcard-like experience.



Answer exam questions from one of 40+ specific topics covered on the exam. 550+ exam questions are currently available. Take timed practice exams with the PatExam Engine™ question bank.

Step #1: Patent Training Workshop™

“I found this to be a very helpful introduction and a good mental preparation for all that is to come.”

This 12-hour video course is fully updated.

The Introductory Module is approximately 1 hour in length and helps provide you with the basics of patent law. Modules I – IX cover important topics (1 per video) spread out over 80+ short, focused videos.

Videos include diagrams, examples, and key points of each topic. Download PDFs of the slides for referecne.


An Introduction + 9 modules cover virtually every tested area of patent law. Includes 12 hours of instructional training in 80+ high definition, streaming videos, or listen on the go from your mobile device from our private audio feed.


100+ simple quizzes help you retain what you just learned from each module. Instant feedback is provided as you answer the questions. Take the quizzes as many times as you’d like to check that you’ve retained the material.


Over 250 key glossary terms are defined for you in plain English. They are also recorded in audio format (read by an AI voice). It’s all right at your fingertips for easy reference.

Listen on the go …

You can also choose to listen in on the go from our private audio feed.  Listen from your mobile device when you have a few spare minutes.

Step #2: Master the MPEP

“Your materials are perfect for someone who has no law background whatsoever. Your outline breaks down the MPEP and commonly asked exam questions/answers in plain English”


Fully updated to include the currently tested 9th Edition, Revision 07.2022 MPEP changes + exam notices.

Learn the tested material with a condensed, easy-to-use version of the MPEP. All the information in the Guidebook is found under the same headings and subheadings as the MPEP.


Includes all 29 Chapters of the MPEP, plus the heavily tested Prior Art Rejections, the America Invents Act (AIA), and new supplements.


Clear, easy-to-understand outlines. Key points are extracted and organized for each chapter and section of the MPEP.


Cuts out the untested material so you only see what is most likely to be on the exam. Easy to navigate.


Each tested section and sub-section of the MPEP is summarized.

Executive summaries drill down through each subheading of the MPEP reducing the amount of material to learn. Summaries are interspersed throughout the Guidebooks for maximum retention.

You can also click play to have the AI voice read them right on each Guidebook page if you’d rather listen than read.

There’s also a private audio feed you can download and listen to on your mobile device when you have a few spare minutes on the go.


Hone in on the high-frequency topics.

There is so much material that can be tested on the Patent Bar it’s impossible to memorize it all. That’s why it’s crucial for you to know what to spend the most time on.

The tools in the program will be a tremendous help when it comes to focusing on what really matters.


Using a simple 5-star ranking system review each chapter’s importance, volume of material, complexity level, and overall score.


Learn the exact rules most likely to be covered on the exam.  You’ll know not only what to study, but what to commit to memory.


Review a detailed database of what’s been tested on the Patent Bar exam down to the exact MPEP section and subsection.


This handy reference shows you the frequency of the tested laws.  The number of questions we have seen on each specific law is also included.


Actively work through details of the MPEP leading to mastery of the material.

The details of the MPEP are difficult no matter how they are explained. If you reinforce them by actively doing something with that information you will only be more prepared.

That’s why the course includes interactive Workbook Quizzes. Each chapter of the Guidebook has a Workbook Quiz for you to complete.


Fill-in-the-blank and true/false questions make up the scored quizzes.


Attempt short answer quizzes to master the material by putting it in your own words.


Use repetition to help solidify the important, high-frequency MPEP facts.

Drill into important MPEP facts with repetition. Like flashcards, each card in a Quiz Deck focuses on only one specific topic. You fill in the answer. The software keeps track of the answers you get right.

Whether you answer it right or wrong, you’ll see the correct answer along with the MPEP reference (or supplement reference). Look up any incorrect answers to help solidify the material for you.

There are 8 decks in all with over 740+ questions total. You can try any of the decks as many times as you’d like. The cards (or questions) will shuffle each time.

Step #3: Practice Exam Questions

“Kudos on your test simulator; it is an excellent and indispensable tool for developing skills necessary to answer the USPTO questions.” – Michael R.

PatExam Engine™

Includes NEW questions prepared to help you learn the new material. The PatExam Engine™ runs online so you can access it from any device.

The software includes over 550 different PTO Exam questions pertaining to the currently tested laws and rules. The exam questions cover new topics like the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), Patent Law Treaty (PLT), America Invents Act (AIA), Subject Matter Eligibility (SME), New Trial Proceedings as well as time tested topics including Claims, Rejections, and the Specification.

Here’s a Detailed Look at the 2 Modes …


Every topic is covered. Manually select the topics you want to answer, giving you complete control and vastly accelerating your learning. There are over 40 topics in all including a mini-practice exam covering important AIA concepts. Receive instant feedback on your answer selection. Focus on your weak areas.


Take simulated exams with no feedback until the very end of the session. You will be given 50 random questions from the question bank and 3 hours to complete them. The current version of the MPEP is included (in PDF format). You may switch between the MPEP and the PatExam Engine™ during both the topic and exam modes.

Strategy & Organizational Materials

Focus and stay on track so you pass the exam as quickly as possible. The training fits any schedule.


The detailed MPEP Search Strategy tutorial walks you through the details of using the MPEP on test day.


Printable checklists help you stay on track. Use them to keep a hard copy of your scores so you can quickly see which areas you need to improve on.


Choose from detailed 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12-month study planners. The planners guide you through exactly what to do each and every day.


Short video walkthroughs take you through each step of the program along with best practices.

Patent Law Career Toolkit

The Patent Law Career Strategies PDF with accompanying audio walks you through every step of applying and securing your new job.

You’ll get tips for choosing specific employment opportunities, creating your resume and cover letter, interviewing, networking, and much more.

All the material is geared exclusively for those seeking jobs in patent law. Nothing like this exists anywhere else.

Client Successes

“A Cost-Effective, Efficient Way to Prepare for Successful Completion of the Patent Bar”

“Dear Lisa and Patent Education Series,

Thank you for working with me to help me pass the exam today … I am so happy I was able to succeed using your program and the personalized experience that I got with it.

The updates to the program are definitely worth it. The best part is the patexam engine. It is also impossible to pass without really learning how to best use the chapters of the MPEP, which the guidebook section teaches well.

I will always remember and recommend your course as a cost-effective, efficient way to prepare for successful completion of the patent bar.Thank you for designing a user friendly program that helped me pass the patent bar exam!! Cheers,”

A.C.M., Patent Agent

“Thank You For All Your Help!”

“I sat for the patent bar exam last week and passed! I passed after 3 months with your course.  I had spent about 3 months using a different site but didn’t like how they presented the material.  I failed using their material so started over with you.  Much preferred the environment, and liked the larger number of quizzes and questions as it is how I learn most effectively, (a.o.t. reading, taking notes etc.). Thank you for all your help!”

Graham, Patent Agent

For Your Convenience, We Offer an Online Course and a Hard-Copy Course.

Choose what works best for you.

(12-month access)

(12-month access)
Getting Started Tutorials
6 Study Plans
Patent Training Workshop (12 hrs)
109 Workshop Quizzes
250+ Glossary Terms
29 Guidebook Chapter Breakdowns
6 Supplement Breakdowns
MPEP Chapter Rankings
MPEP Frequency Charts
Rule & Law Frequency Charts
MPEP Audio Summaries (12.5 hrs)
1,141 Workbook Quizzes
293 Short Answer Quizzes
742 Quiz Deck Questions
MPEP Search Document
550+ PatExam Engine Topic Questions
Unlimited PatExam Simulator Access
Career Strategies PDF & Audio
Patent Law Job Toolkit
Lesson Plan + Checklists Print Format
4-Set Guidebooks Print Format
Workbook Print Format
3-Set Practice Exams Print Format
Price for 12 Months Access$597$1097

100% No-Risk Guarantee

Try any version of the course risk-free for 14-days. If any time before the end of the 14-day period, you are not fully satisfied, contact us for a full refund*. No questions asked.

In addition, if you attempt the exam within 12 months from enrolling and do not pass the exam, send us your failure notice from the USPTO within 30 days of your exam attempt and we will extend your online access another 6 months for free.

*Shipping costs for the hard copies are not included. In addition, we will need to subtract a 20% stocking fee if the books are not in a resaleable condition.

Client Successes

“Great Study Tool”

“PES was a great study tool for me.  I became very familiar with the types of questions I would see on the exam.  Thankfully my hard work payed off!

I spent 6 months preparing for the test.  Average of about 8-10 hours of study per week.  The last month or so was solely exam simulator, with two full length exams taken on the two days prior to the actual exam.”

SEK, Registered Patent Agent

“Perfect for Someone Who has No Law Background”

“Thank you for creating such great study materials for such a great price – I passed the exam on the first try! Your materials are perfect for someone who has no law background whatsoever. Your outline breaks down the MPEP and commonly asked exam questions/answers in plain English. The other course I ordered, xxx, simply regurgitated the dry MPEP – big waste of money. I will definitely recommend your study materials. Thanks again …”

Brett R., Patent Agent

Passed the Exam on the First Try With Only 1 Month of Study

“Hello Lisa: I don’t know how many “Thank you’s” I should say to express my appreciation. Due to a time conflict, I eventually only had one month to prepare for the Patent Bar. Your books helped me a lot and assisted me to pass this exam in the first try. Thank you.”

Boyuan Wang

Get Started Now. Choose Your Patent Bar Package

All plans come with a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


Online Course (12 Months Access)


Full Online Access

Gain access to the entire online course updated for post- September 18, 2023 exams for 12-months. Does not automatically renew. Extensions are available at a reduced rate for clients who need more time.

+ Payment Plan Option
$165.00 x 4 Months ($660 total over 4 months)

Hard Copy + Online Course (12 Months Access)



Access the entire online course for 12-months + MPEP Edition 9/Revision 07.2022 print materials ready for post- September 18, 2023 exams. Print materials typically shipped out within 3 business days.

“Very Effective and Easy to Use”

“I passed the exam back in July and received my registration number shortly after. The interface you guys offer is very effective and easy to use. I couldn’t recall the details of the questions right after the exam, but I can say that following the guide was key to passing on exam day. I’ll be sure to recommend Patent Education Series to individuals at our firm interested in taking the Patent Bar. Many thanks to you and your team. Best Regards,”

Saul, Patent Attorney

“This Course is Well Worth the Money”

I passed the exam at the first attempt! Thank you for the website. I found it to be very helpful and very well laid out. Following the lesson plan helped guide me through the MPEP chapters, and I found the explanations invaluable when trying to understand the legal phrases. Thank you for all the help. I think this course is well worth the money.

Steven Burgess, Patent Agent

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