Helping You Navigate the Complex
Patent Law Maze

This Online Patent Training Workshop is Perfect for Engineers, Scientists,
Paralegals, and Patent Law Office Administrators Looking to Advance Their Career.

Who is This Course For?


Understanding the patent process can be very advantageous for scientists and engineers as they are often actual inventors at work.
The Patent Training Workshop will provide you with in-depth knowledge of patent law without the overwhelm that comes from reviewing traditional legal textbooks.


This course will help you sort out patent law in a very user-friendly manner.
Delve into the terminology of patent law and get up-to-speed with this substantial overview of patent law. After completing the Workshop, employers will find you a much more valuable addition to their team.


You may already have one of the degrees required to start a lucrative and cutting-edge career in patent law as a patent practitioner.  In that case, all you need is to pass the Patent Bar exam. The Patent Training Workshop is such a perfect first step for preparing for the exam that it actually is the first step in our Patent Bar review course. You may upgrade to the full Patent Bar review course at any time.

Get an Edge in Your Career by Gaining Patent Law Expertise

Creating and protecting intellectual property through patents is the central goal of many companies.  In addition, the pursuit of intellectual property advancements aid in furthering new knowledge and innovation.

Over 300,000 patents are granted in the U.S. alone each year according to data from 2017. Countless other patent applications are applied for. Intellectual property, and specifically patent law is a hot legal area.

Learning the details of writing patent applications and gaining an understanding of the patent prosecution process will most certainly increase your professional value.

Patent Law is One of the Most Complex
Legal Areas Around.

Don’t read another boring text on the topic of patent law. Take this interactive course complete with 80+ videos including diagrams, examples, and key points of each topic. Download PDFs of the slides for reference. Now all videos include closed captioning. Click on the arrow below to start a sample video from the course:

The workshop includes the following components …


Learn the material in short, online videos.


Answer quiz questions covering the material you just learned.


Search the glossary for important terms.


An Introduction + 9 modules cover the basics of virtually every area of patent law. The online Patent Training Workshop spans over 12 hours of instructional training in 80+ high definition, streaming videos.

Modules I – IX cover important topics (1 per video) spread out over 80+ short, focused videos.

Videos include diagrams, examples, and key points of each topic. Download PDFs of the slides for reference. Now all videos include closed captioning.

Screenshot of the workshop modules.


Screenshot of the workshop quizzes.

100+ simple quiz questions help you retain what you just learned from each module. Take quizzes with right/wrong answers relating to each topic. Increase your comprehension with instant feedback.

There is a quiz for each module in the Workshop. Aim to score at least 70% on each quiz before you move onto the next module.


Search the online glossary containing over 250 terms defined in plain English. It’s all right at your fingertips for easy reference.

Each glossary term includes the definition in text and audio format, a quick analysis table with details on the primary MPEP chapter, the workshop module where you can learn more, and tested laws/rules.

Screenshot of the workshop glossary.


You can also choose to listen in on the go from our private audio feed.  Listen from your mobile device when you have a few spare minutes.

Let’s Take a Look at Exactly What the Patent Training Workshop Covers…

Introduction to Patent Law

The goal of this introductory module is to provide you with the fundamentals of patent law and serve as a good overview before you start learning details of each concept later on in the modules.

Lessons: 7 | Runtime: 1 hr 2 min

Designed to Provide You With a Solid Understanding of Patent Law


Gain a substantial understanding of Patent Law from over 12 hours of video training.


Learn about the different components involved in writing a patent application along with best practices.


Discover the details of the complex patent prosecution process where an application is ultimately either rejected or allowed to patent.


The Patent Training Workshop will get you up-to-speed with hundreds of commonly used terms involved with Patent Law.

Enroll Today and Start Advancing Your Knowledge of Patent Law


$247 regularly


Online Access

Gain access to the online Patent Training Workshop for 12 months from the date of your enrollment. If you’d like to upgrade to the full Patent Bar review course later you may do so at a discount.




Online Access

Gain access to the entire online course updated for post- September 18, 2023 exams for 12-months. Does not automatically renew. Extensions are available at a reduced rate for clients who need more time.

Payment Plan Option
$165.00 x 4 Months ($660 total over 4 months)

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the online Patent Training Workshop risk free for 14-days. Review the tools and training for 14-days. If at any time before the end of the 14-day period, you are not fully satisfied, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything mailed out to me if I enroll in the online Patent Training Workshop?

No, the online Patent Training Workshop is completely online so nothing is mailed out to you.

Can I download the material in the online Patent Training Workshop?

No, the Patent Training Workshop is completely online. You will need an Internet connection to access all the materials.

The advantages of the online nature of this course are that you can study from virtually any device; laptop, desktop, smart phone and there is a level of interactivity you cannot get from books or CD’s. In addition, since there are no shipping fees and no costs to print the materials, it is offered at a lower cost than a typical course with books. The final benefit is we can update the online course immediately.

Is the online Patent Training Workshop mobile friendly?

Yes, the online training and quizzes work on many different types of devices including desktops, laptops, iPads & other tablets, iPhones, and Android devices. Specific Mobile Requirements include: Android 3.x or higher, iPad (iOS 5.x or higher), Windows Phone 7.5 or higher, Windows RT

What are the details of the 14-day money-back guarantee?

If you enroll in the online Patent Training Workshop and find that it’s not for you, send us an email within 14-days letting us know that you would like to return the program and we will refund your money.

Can I learn more about your Patent Bar Review program?

Yes, we have an entire page dedicated to the features of the full Patent Bar review program. Take a look here.

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