Supplement Your Patent Bar Prep with PES Quiz Decks

740+ Short & Simple Questions to Help You Drill with the Most Important MPEP Facts

Take a Look at How the Quiz Decks Work

Quiz Decks are like online flashcards in that the decks shuffle and each question (or card) is kept to one single, very specific topic, term, or MPEP section.

  • Use repetition to help solidify the important, high-frequency MPEP facts.
  • 740 short and simple quiz questions.
  • Answers and MPEP + supplement references included.
  • Correct/incorrect displays as well as your score so you can keep track of what you’ve mastered.
  • Take unlimited quizzes that shuffle each time.
  • Completely updated for MPEP 07.2022 + supplements.
  • 8 different Quiz Decks.

High-Frequency Quiz Decks

Learn the high-frequency topics in the MPEP and supplements with repetition.

The PES full Patent Bar review program includes MPEP frequency charts pinpointing the most heavily tested material on the exam. We wrote short and simple questions on these topics and bundled them together as Quiz Decks.

The Quiz Decks are a part of the full PES Patent Bar program, but you can also gain access to them separately to supplement other study materials (or if you’re just hardcore and are reviewing the MPEP on your own).

High-frequency topics make up 6 out of 8 of the Quiz Decks and about half the questions.

The following high-frequency Quiz Decks are available:

  • Patent Applications
  • International Applications
  • Examinations
  • Post Filing
  • Post Filing Proceedings
  • Supplements

All quizzes come with MPEP references so you can look them up and investigate the topics further.

Glossary Term Quiz Decks

Learn Patent Law Terminology

The Quiz Decks also include about 200 glossary terms.

With these, you will be presented with a definition and then you must enter the correct term.

Make sure you know every important term so there’s no confusion on the day of the exam.

Classification Quiz Decks

This Quiz Deck will help you learn the structure of the MPEP.

Quiz Decks also include our Classification Quizzes.

These are perfect to help increase your MPEP search speed for the day of the exam.

With these, you’ll be presented with a topic. You must enter the correct chapter or section. Drill down to the specific section when you can.

You’ll also be presented with law and rule titles and need to come up with the correct numbers.

Keep Track of the Decks You’ve Mastered

Mark a Deck Complete When You Score 70% or Above

Some Quiz Decks are massive (with up to 200 questions). Often, this can be too much for one sitting. In addition to the full deck, they are broken up into smaller decks with 25 – 35 questions within each.

That means when you have a few spare minutes you can sit down and drill with the MPEP facts. You control when to mark off a deck as complete and can take each deck as many times as you like. After each try, the questions are shuffled.

Paired with the complete course you will be fully prepared to take the Patent Bar exam, but Quiz Decks work great as a supplement too.

Access the Quiz Decks & Move Closer to Passing the Patent Bar

There are over 740+ in all. Completely updated for the tested MPEP + supplements.

Quiz Decks (12 Months Access)


Online Access

Gain access to the online Quiz Decks for 12 months from the date of your enrollment. If you’d like to upgrade to the full Patent Bar review course later you may do so at a discount.




Online Access

Gain access to the entire online course updated for post- September 18, 2023 exams for 12-months. Does not automatically renew. Extensions are available at a reduced rate for clients who need more time.

+ Payment Plan Option
$165.00 x 4 Months ($660 total over 4 months)

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the online Quiz Decks risk-free for 14-days. Review the tools and training for 14-days. If at any time before the end of the 14-day period, you are not fully satisfied, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.

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