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Patent Bar Exam Study Planners

Pass the Patent Bar on Your Terms The PES-System was created to help you pass the Patent Bar Exam in a…

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Covid-19 and the Patent Bar

Covid-19 has caused enormous stress and trauma to our society and unfortunately, the strain doesn’t seem like it will end…

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Take Better Notes when Studying for the Patent Bar Exam
Destigmatizing Failing a Big Exam
3D Printer Patents

Cool Invention: 3D Printer Patents

As 3D printing gains popularity, a debate rages about whether patent protection is beneficial for the technology. This fact matters…

Note-Taking Strategy to Help You Remember
Selling Yourself During A Job Interview
6 Ways to Keep From Coming Across as Arrogant During a Job Interview
5 Tips for Improving Your Grades

5 Tips for Improving Your Grades

Struggling in school is nothing to feel bad about. It happens to millions of students. But with concerted effort, it’s…

3D Printer Patents
Customizing Your Cover Letter Takes Time But Increases Your Chances of Standing Out
3D Printer Patents
How to Create a Good Outline from Your Notes
3D Printer Patents
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Learn Anything Faster

Preparing for exams can be tiring, stressful and frustrating, especially when it is a career-defining exam such as the patent…

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