How to Use Glassdoor to Find the Best Patent Law Firms to Work For

Use Glassdoor to Find the Best Patent Law Firms

Whether you’re thinking about taking the patent bar exam or you just passed it and are ready to embark on your new career, it’s not always easy to find the patent law firm that will be the best match for you. One of the top resources out there is Glassdoor which has a wealth of information that can help you figure out the places you want to work along with any you want to avoid.

Not familiar with Glassdoor? Here’s a quick introduction about how to use it to find the right firm.

What Should You Expect When Working as a Patent Lawyer or Agent?

Before you can figure out what firms are good and which aren’t, it’s good to have a basic idea of what the job entails.

Patent law is very specialized. In fact, to become a patent agent, you have to have a degree in the science or engineering field that relates to the patents you’ll be working with. A good patent lawyer or agent will make sure that an inventor gets proper credit. When you find work as a patent lawyer, expect to spend a lot of time filling out and reviewing patent applications. One of your main roles will be assessing whether or not an invention is innovative enough to warrant a patent.

Most lawyers don’t know much about patent law. It’s an ever-changing field and those who specialize in patent law aren’t exactly plentiful. There are a few different places you can expect to find work. Some patent attorneys work at law firms that specialize in helping small businesses and individuals. Others work for large firms that serve corporate customers. It’s good to have an idea of what size firm you want to look for and keep in mind that larger firms often have more resources.

The day-to-day work consists of paperwork and research in an office setting. There are a lot of deadlines to meet and you’re often working with more than one client so the schedule can get a little hectic.

Using Glassdoor to Find the Best Firm

One of the greatest things about using Glassdoor is it gives you a lot of information you wouldn’t otherwise have access to that really makes the job hunting process a lot more transparent. It can help with the entire job hunting process, from figuring out the best places to work to negotiating your salary.

You can use Glassdoor to look for open positions just like on any job site. Search by title and location, salary range, distance, and more. For each firm, you’ll find a company overview. This includes information about where they’re headquartered, how many employees they have, when the business was founded, and their yearly revenue. You’ll also find a brief description of the business and a link to their website. This information can immediately tell you whether or not the firm is the right size for you if you have a preference between a small firm and a large one.

Next, you can see a rating of the firm on a 5-star scale in addition to statistics as to what percent of employees would recommend the company to a friend and how much they approve of the CEO.

The star ratings are gathered from employee reviews, the next section of information available. These reviews are arguably the best thing that Glassdoor has to offer. They are written by the people who work there or have worked there in the past. Generally, people don’t hold back. You can see the person’s job title, which city they work in, and the pros and cons they shared about the company. Each review also gives a snapshot of how the employee feels about the CEO, the direction of the company, and whether or not they recommend working there.

If you dig a little deeper into a firm’s profile, you can find even more details about what it’s like to work there. There is a salary breakdown of what employees make by job title, like an attorney, legal secretary, clerks, and paralegals. There’s also information available about benefits, too, like 401K packages, health insurance, as well as vacation and paid time off.

After looking at available jobs and evaluating all of the information provided in the reviews, if you decide there’s a firm you’re interested in or a job you want to apply for, there’s one more piece of information that you’ll find especially useful. Employees share questions they were asked on their interviews. While there’s no guarantee you’ll face the same ones in the event of an interview, it’s a great place to start if you want to prep.

Getting the Best Results

Glassdoor has a wealth of information but it won’t do you any good unless you use it. By reading employee reviews, you can get a feel for the kind of environment it is to work in. Are current employees happy? Or are they outnumbered by angry former employees and bad reviews? Having a positive and supportive work environment is really important and employee reviews will really give you a sense of what you can expect.

Once you determine that a firm is the right size and seems to have a staff that is happy and satisfied, use the rest of the information Glassdoor provides to learn what you can expect as a salary and benefits package. This information is also exceptionally useful if you accept a position and are entering salary negotiations because you’ll already have an idea of what they’re paying other patent attorneys or agents in the firm.

If you’re looking for the best way to help you start your career in patent law, Glassdoor is a resource that really gives you all the information you need to make the right decision.

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