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5 Study Tips for Visual Learners

As the name implies, a visual learner refers to those individuals who learn best when the information presented to them is in a visual form. They connect better to visual aids because seeing them provides a holistic view of the information, and usually struggle with remembering instructions if communicated verbally. If you’re struggling with your […]

What is Intellectual Property?

Many consider Isaac Newton the father of calculus, however, what they don’t know is that this topic was heavily contested by Gottfried Leibniz, who had published papers on the topic around the same time. Each claimed that the other had stolen his work, but no conclusion came of it as Leibniz died in 1716. This […]

MPEP Q & A 216: Time for Establishing ISR and WO of the International Search Authority

Question: What is the time limit for establishing the International Search Report and the Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority? Answer: Publication of the international application occurs at 18 months from the earliest priority date or, where there is no priority date, 18 months from the international filing date. The international search report is […]