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New Platform

You will likely find your membership here if you enrolled after Oct 2021

Original Platform

You will find your membership here if you enrolled prior to Oct 2021. This platform will be deleted in OCTOBER 2022.

New Features Include Tracking Widgets, MPEP Frequency Charts, MPEP Mind Maps and Outlines

Thinking about Upgrading?

You do not have to move over to the new platform.

We now offer two versions and will phase out the older platform over the next year.

If you are interested in upgrading to the new version now, you may do so. However, there will be a fee unless you purchased the course within 30 days of the upgrade. You can definitely stay on the old platform by doing nothing if you prefer.

To upgrade:

Please contact us at info@patenteducationseries.com letting us know you’d like to upgrade along with the email address you used to register.

We will check your account, see how much time is remaining, and based on that, let you know your upgrade fee.

The new platform allows us to offer audio and the ability to mark off individual lessons and quizzes as complete. This gives you more control over what you covered and what you haven’t yet gone through.

Briefly, the new platform also includes 700+ Quiz Decks, all Patent Training Workshop slides in PDF format, the Patent Law Career Toolkit, and more. By upgrading, you will also re-start your 12-month subscription.

Get a Trial Account on the new platform and see if it makes sense for you to upgrade.

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