MPEP 1300

Allowance and Issue

Quick Statistics:

Number of Pages:  33 pgs
Sections:  1301 – 1309

Brief Summary:

Once the decision to allow an application to patent has been made by the PTO, a Notice of Allowance will be sent out to the applicant.

The applicant will then have a few months to pay the issue fee. Once the issue fee is paid (on time), the applicant will then be sent a copy of the official patent papers.

This chapter discusses the details of these proceedings and the variations that may occur such as; withdrawing from issue, the term lengths of various patents and what happens if the issue fee is not paid on time.

Key Terms:

AllowedIssue FeeNotice of Allowance
Patent TermIssuance 

37 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations):

37 CFR 1.104Nature of examination.
37 CFR 1.311Notice of Allowance.

35 USC (United States Code):

35 USC 154Contents and term of patent; provisional rights.

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