MPEP 600

Parts, Form, and Content of Application

Quick Statistics:

Number of Pages:  240 pgs
Sections:  601 – 609

Brief Summary:

Chapter 600 explicitly describes the contents required for filing an application and gaining a filing date. Detailed descriptions and guidelines for the oath/declaration, the disclosure and the drawings are summarized.

Claims are a major part of an application and must be written correctly. This chapter provides a complete outline of the rules involved with writing claims and provides several examples of properly written claims.

The time periods and regulations for submitting an information disclosure statement are incredibly complicated and are presented in this chapter as well.

Key Terms:

DrawingsInformation Disclosure Statement 

37 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations):

37 CFR 1.75Claim(s).
37 CFR 1.53Application number, filing date, and completion of application.

35 USC (United States Code):

35 USC 113Drawings.
35 USC 111Application.

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