MPEP Chapter Rankings

This tutorial shows you a little about the MPEP Chapter Rankings. These rankings will help you navigate the most likely to be tested MPEP chapters so you know which one’s to spend the most time on.


The MPEP Chapter rankings tool ranks each chapter of the MPEP by importance, volume of material, and complexity level. There is also an overall score for the chapter.

The Chapter Rankings page uses a 5-star system to rank each chapter.

With this tool, you can find the chapter you’re interested in and see how it compares. For example, we’re at the 1-star chapters. As you can see, we’ve ranked 4 as 1-star chapters. If you want to take a look at chapter 1600, you can click on the link. Then, you’ll will be taken to the chapter page.

This tool will help you ensure you’re dedicating most of your study time to the most heavily tested chapters.

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