Getting Motivated: The Best Way to Study for the Patent Bar Exam

The patent bar exam is the biggest step in your journey to becoming a patent attorney or patent agent. In many cases, it will also be the last step you need to take to begin your career. Before taking the patent bar examination, you want to be prepared and brimming to the top with all […]

MPEP Search Strategy for the Patent Bar Exam

You probably already realize you may use the MPEP during the Patent Bar exam. For many, that gives off the impression that the test is an open book exam you don’t really need to study for.  But an attitude like that will definitely result in failure. The fact is, although you can use the MPEP, […]

How to Study for the Patent Bar Exam

The Patent Bar is a difficult test to prepare for no matter how you’re going about it. Whether you’re studying the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) on your own, reviewing a home study course, or taking a live class, the sheer volume of legalese can be difficult for even the most dedicated individual. In this […]

Crush Your Patent Practitioner Interview

When it comes to landing the perfect job, there are a few rules that hold true for any industry. Naturally, the more specialized your focus, the more work you’ll need to put into your interview prep. If you’re aiming for a position as a patent agent or patent attorney, your prospective company will expect you […]

Patent Bar Exam Study Planners

Pass the Patent Bar on Your Terms The PES-System was created to help you pass the Patent Bar Exam in a much shorter  amount of time and with less frustration than if you attempt it on your  own. Save your time and  concentrate your efforts on more important things like finding a job. Having a clear […]

13 Simple Memorization Tips That’ll Help You Pass the Patent Bar Exam

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of material you’re going to have to memorize in order to pass the Patent Bar exam. Even if you cut out the extraneous material and focus on what’s most likely to be tested, you’ll soon find out there are countless dates and facts you’ve got to know cold. In […]

MPEP Q & A 215: When Did Amendments to the Rules of Practice for Trials Before PTAB Take Effect?

Question: When did the PDF titled ‘Amendments to the Rules of Practice for Trials Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’ take effect? Answer: This rule is effective May 2, 2016, and applies to all AIA petitions filed on or after the effective date and to any ongoing AIA preliminary proceeding or trial before the […]

Hunter A. Horton, Intellectual Property Attorney at Erise IP

Hunter is an Intellectual Property attorney. He clerked for two and a half years at Erise IP, P.A. during law school prior to starting full-time and is approaching the end of his third full year full-time. In total,  Hunter has spent approximately five and a half years in the IP law profession. The following is his […]

MPEP Q & A 214: What are Sufficient Grounds for Post-Grant Review?

Question: According to the PDF titled ‘Amendments to the Rules of Practice for Trials Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’, what are sufficient grounds for a post-grant review? Answer: 37 CFR 42.208 (C) states that Post-grant review shall not be instituted for a ground of unpatentability unless the Board decides that the petition supporting […]

Adam L.K. Philipp, Founding Member of Aeon Law

Adam is a Founding Member of Aeon Law, an Intellectual Property law firm. Adam has worked in the IP law profession for the last 25 years. The following is his Q & A interview. Why did you think this would be a good career for you? IP law is one of the most positive forms of […]