MPEP Q & A 195: Necessary Items for a Petition for Retroactive License

Question: What should a petition for retroactive license include? Answer: A petition for retroactive license shall include: (1) A listing of each of the foreign countries in which the unlicensed patent application material was filed, (2) The dates on which the material was filed in each country, (3) A verified statement (oath or declaration) containing: […]

MPEP Q & A 194: Stop the Publication of an Application

Question: Can a petition under 37 CFR 1.138(c) stop publication of an application? Answer: A petition under 37 CFR 1.138(c) will not stop publication of the application unless it is recognized and acted on by the Pre-Grant Publication Division in sufficient time to avoid publication. The petition will be granted when it is recognized in […]

10 Things You May Not Have Realized Were Invented in the 2000s

The 2000s were a time of rapid advancement in the world of technology. The decade was particularly fruitful for gadgets, which spread far and wide during the era. Consider these ten leading innovations. The USB Flash Drive These portable drives made adding enormous amounts of storage as simple as snapping one into a USB port. […]

MPEP Q & A 193: Petition to Make Special and Energy Resources

Question: Does the petition to make special apply to patent applications for inventions dealing with energy resources? Answer: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will, on petition, accord “special” status to all patent applications for inventions which materially contribute to: (A) the discovery or development of energy resources, or (B) the more efficient utilization and […]

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Learn Anything Faster

Preparing for exams can be tiring, stressful and frustrating, especially when it is a career-defining exam such as the patent bar exam. In such cases, it helps to have some study tips on how to learn things quicker and more effectively. Read this article to get tips for learning things faster. Sleep Well It is […]

MPEP Q & A 192: Overcome Provisional Obviousness Rejection

Question: How can a provisional obviousness rejection be overcome? Answer: A provisional obviousness rejection can be overcome by: Arguing patentability over the earlier filed application; Combining the subject matter of the copending applications into a single application claiming benefit under 35 U.S.C. 120 of the prior applications and abandoning the copending applications Filing an affidavit […]

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Giving Up on the Patent Bar: Don’t Do It

If you’ve failed the patent bar exam or have been unsuccessful in completing your preparation for it more times than you can count, you might consider giving up altogether. All of us have faced failure in our lives multiple times. Some of these setbacks make us stronger while others demoralize and dishearten us. However, giving […]

MPEP Q & A 191: Final Rule in the Changes to the Claim Construction Standard

Question: What does the final rule in the “Changes to the Claim Construction Standard for Interpreting Claims in Trial Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board” state? Answer: In this final rule, the Office revises the rules to provide that a patent claim, or a claim proposed in a motion to amend, shall be […]

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Improving Sleep to Help You Prepare For the Patent Bar Exam

Patent law is a branch of intellectual property rights law where new inventions, ideas, designs, devices and contraptions are registered. Getting something patented gives the inventors and creators exclusive rights to their property in terms of selling, purchasing, copyrights, distribution etc… As interesting and entertaining as the profession may sound, sitting for the patent bar […]

MPEP Q & A 190: AIA Proceeding Expenses Under Phillips

Question: Have parties to AIA proceedings under Phillips required expanded page limits or otherwise incurred more expenses in their AIA trials than parties in AIA proceedings under BRI? Answer: PTAB has not found that parties to these AIA proceedings under Phillips require expanded page limits or otherwise incur more expense in their AIA trials than […]