MPEP Q & A 173: What is a Complete Nonprovisional Application Comprised of?

Question: What is a complete nonprovisional application comprised of? Answer: A complete nonprovisional application comprises the following: a specification, including claims, drawings, an oath or declaration, the prescribed filing fee, search fee, examination fee and application size fee Chapter Details: The answer to this question can be found in chapter 600 of the MPEP. This […]

Why Learn About Patents if You’re a Scientist?

Patent Law is a specialized legal niche that involves the protection of discoveries and new inventions. Because such inventions often involve medical breakthroughs or technologies that could propel us forward from an intellectual standpoint, only intellectuals with a scientific or engineering background are eligible to sit the patent bar exam. But why would you want […]

MPEP Q & A 172: Fees that Must be Paid Upon Filing a Request for Prioritized Examination

Question: Name two fees that must be paid upon filing a request for prioritized examination. Answer: Upon filing the request for prioritized examination, the following fees must be paid for the application: (1) the prioritized examination fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.17(c), (2) the processing fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.17(i)(1), (3) the […]

Dealing with Test Anxiety on the Patent Bar Exam

That fear that rips through your chest when you sit down to take an exam and the inner turmoil that is rattling around in your brain is called test anxiety. You start to sweat, your hands might start to shake, and your heart will feel as if it’s pounding against your chest. Test anxiety isn’t […]

MPEP Q & A 171: Instances Where Publication or Issue Date is Later Than the Current Date

Question: When the publication or issue date is later than the current date (i.e., the date of the request), who will that information be given to? Answer: When the publication or issue date is later than the current date (i.e., the date of the request), such information may be given only to the applicant, an […]

7 Tips to Ace the Patent Bar Exam

Preparing to take the patent bar examination requires a healthy amount of dedication. As with any higher education test, developing good study habits and time management skills will really go a long way in passing the assessment. The patent bar exam is certainly no exception to this as it’s no walk in the park. Thankfully, […]

MPEP Q & A 170: Must a Claim be Identified to a Correct Category of Subject Matter?

Question: Must a claim be identified to a correct category of subject matter? Answer: It is not necessary to identify a single category into which a claim falls, so long as it is clear that the claim falls into at least one category. It is also not necessary to identify a “correct” category into which […]

Patent Paralegal Resume Tips

Patent attorneys represent clients who are seeking patents and all legal matters that relate to obtaining a patent. Patent law is a great area of law for paralegals. It involves doing a lot of paperwork, preparing a lot of documentation, and performing a lot of research. If you’re a paralegal and are thinking about pursuing […]

MPEP Q & A 169: Non-Limiting Claims Not Directed to Any of the Statutory Categories.

Question: Provide an example of a non-limiting claim that is not directed to any of the statutory categories. Answer: Examples of a non-limiting claim that is not directed to any of the statutory categories include; Products that do not have a physical or tangible form, such as information (often referred to as “data per se”) […]

Patent Agent and Patent Attorney Salary Guide

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a patent attorney and a patent agent? And how much you can make in this lucrative field under each title? With the rise in technology, patent attorneys and agents are in demand. It takes different steps to become a patent attorney versus becoming a patent agent so […]