MPEP Q & A 113: List 2 Requirements of the Summary of Abstract

 List 2 Requirements of the Summary of Abstract


List 2 requirements of the summary of abstract.


The summary of abstract should preferably be between 50 and 150 words. It should contain the following:

  • (A) Indication of field of invention.
  • (B) Clear indication of the technical problem.
  • (C) Gist of invention’s solution of the problem.
  • (D) Principal use or uses of the invention.
  • (E) Reference numbers of the main technical features placed between parentheses.
  • (F) Where applicable, chemical formula which best characterizes the invention.

Chapter Details:

The answer to this question can be found in chapter 1800 of the MPEP. This chapter covers the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The answer is from the 9th Edition, Revision 07.2015. Depending on future changes to the MPEP, the question and answer may or may not be applicable in later Editions or revisions.

Section Summary:

This question and answer comes from section 1826 of the MPEP.  The following is a brief summary of section 1826.

1826 The Abstract 

The abstract must consist of a summary of the disclosure as contained in the description, the claims and any drawings. Where applicable, it must also contain the most characteristic chemical formula. The abstract must be as concise as the disclosure permits (preferably 50 to 150 words if it is in English or when translated into English). National practice also provides a maximum of 150 words for the abstract.

The PCT range of 50 – 150 words is not absolute but publication problems could result when the PCT limit is increased beyond the 150 word limit.