MPEP Q & A 82: Components International Design Applications Designating the U.S. Must Include



What 3 components (in addition to the mandatory requirements) must an international design application designating the U.S. include?


In addition to the mandatory requirements otherwise required for international design applications, an international design application designating the United States must also include:

  1. a claim;
  2. indications concerning the identity of the creator (i.e., the inventor); and
  3. the inventor’s oath or declaration.

Chapter Details:

The answer to this question can be found in chapter 2900 of the MPEP. This chapter covers International Design Applications.

The answer is from the 9th Edition, Revision 07.2015. Depending on future changes to the MPEP, the question and answer may be applicable in later Editions or revisions.

Section Summary:

This question and answer comes from section 2909 of the MPEP.  The following is a brief summary of section 2909.

2909 Contents of the International Design Application

This section covers the contents of an international design application. The elements of an international design application fall into three categories:

(1) mandatory contents which include items required in all international design applications.

(2) additional mandatory contents which include elements that are required by certain Contracting Parties and therefore are mandatory in any international design application that designates such Contracting Parties.

(3) optional contents which are items that may be included in an international design application.

Further details on the specific contents of an international design application are discussed here. In addition, this section also discusses contents that are required where the United States is designated. 

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