6 Hours of New Training Videos Uploaded Within the PES Patent Bar Review

6 Hours of New Training Videos Uploaded Within the PES Patent Bar Review

We’ve just uploaded slightly under 6 hours of training videos for the New Patent Training Workshop. If you have a current membership to the PES Patent Bar review, you can access all these videos for free within the client center.

You can reach the videos from the Dashboard which is the page you’re taken to as soon as you login, as shown here:


There is also a link under ‘Basic Patent Training’:


As you may have heard, we’re planning on producing 80+ new training videos for the PES Patent Bar Review course.

About 45 videos were just recently uploaded, so half are done and ready for you to view.

The new Patent Training Workshop will eventually replace our Basic Patent Training course which is a part of the PES Patent Bar review.

This new Workshop is essentially an online seminar to help you gain an understanding of patent law before you deep-dive into the MPEP (Manual of Patent Examining Procedure), the source for the questions on the Patent Bar exam.

It’s important to gain an understanding of patent law before attempting to review the MPEP or the Guidebooks to Patent Law study tool (which is another component of the PES Patent Bar review). Otherwise, you’ll wind up pretty frustrated.

Like the Basic Patent Training course, the new Patent Training Workshop is broken up into a number of different modules.

So far we have uploaded and completed the following modules:

  • Introductory module — This introduction is about an hour in length and covers the who, what, when, where, why, and how’s of patent law. It’s also available for free inside the Trial Account so make sure to sign up for one of these accounts if you haven’t already!
  • Module I: Application Types — This module covers the different application types you may choose from. It’s important to know the types available to you before you file an application.
  • Module II: Application Contents — Module II covers application contents. Learn what goes in a patent application and gain exposure to the laws and rules of the major components.
  • Module III: Application Filing — Learn about the actual filing of a patent application including fees, access, and much more.
  • Module IV: International Applications — Patent applications may be filed in the U.S. as well as internationally. Learning about international issues will help you become adept at protection not only within the U.S., but across other countries as well.

Each module contains several related videos that focus on a single topic. Each video is on the shorter side, we’re trying to keep them all under 15 minutes to help keep the overwhelm down.

The videos include visuals of the topic to help you understand the main points, objectives, examples, relevant stories, and resources for further information.

In all, we’ll have at least 80 videos like this, covering each topic you need to know to pass the Patent Bar exam and giving you detailed information, not just the basics. When we’re done, the videos alone will probably run around 12 to 15 hours of solid instruction.

The goal is that after just watching those videos, answering the quiz questions, and reviewing the glossary of terms in the Patent Training Workshop, you’ll have a solid background in patent law just like you would if you came out of a week-long lecture on patent law.

From there you can learn the details and structure of the MPEP using our valuable study tool, the Guidebooks to Patent Law. The Guidebooks summarize the chapters, sections, and even tested sub-sections of the MPEP for you.

Finally, you’ll take practice exam questions from the PatExam Engine and hopefully go onto pass the Patent Bar exam like many of our other clients do!

We’re very excited to put the Patent Training Workshop together for you. We hope to complete the workshop over the next couple of months.

If you’re interested in passing the Patent Bar and you’re not yet enrolled in the PES Patent Bar review, you’ll want learn more about it here.

There’s a 14-day money back guarantee on the course so you can try everything out without any risk to you.

The online version is the best deal and is completely updated for the post-August 16th, MPEP 08.2017 version of the exam as well as for exams taken before the latest changes take effect.

If you just want to try out the online version of the course for absolutely free, you can get a Trial Account here. There’s no credit card required and nothing is charged to access that account.

In addition, you can see the Introductory Module from within the Trial Account. It’s about 1 hour in length so get ready to start learning!

Not only can you access part of the new Patent Training Workshop from a Trial Account, but you can also try out a portion of each component of the actual course. We’ve also updated our Trial for MPEP 08.2017 which is the latest material on the exam and will start being tested on August 16th, 2018.

If you’re not already enrolled, you’ll want to get your own Trial Account today!