Waukeshia D. Jackson, Managing Partner, Patent Attorney at Jackson & Lowe Law Group, PC

Waukeshia D. JacksonWaukeshia D. Jackson

Waukeshia is a patent attorney and the co-founder and managing partner at Jackson & Lowe Law Group P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked in the field of intellectual law for over 6 years at the time of this interview.

The following is her Q & A interview:

How did you get into a career in IP law?

My undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering. I worked for several Fortune 500 companies prior to attending law school.  Therefore, with my professional work experience and rigorous scientific training I saw the difference I could have the opportunity to make with a Juris Doctorate and a career in patent law.

Why did you think this would be a good career for you?

Because technology and the law in this area are developing rapidly, I am confident that this field will be constantly challenging.  Additionally, I wanted to be able to help to educate, inspire and assist other aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their inventions and protect their innovative efforts.

What are the top 3 things you really like about working in IP law?

Because patent law is federal law and not state bar specific, a career in this area offers mobility by being able to work anywhere.

I get the opportunity to work with really smart people like; inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and multinational corporations.

It’s challenging work which allows me the opportunity to stay abreast of up and coming developments in technology.

What is one thing you dislike (or that may stress you out) about the work?

The work is intellectually stimulating and I enjoy the work.  However, I think the most stressful part about being a patent attorney is the road to becoming a patent attorney.  You have to have a technical background, then go to law school, then pass a state bar exam as well as the Patent Bar exam in order to become a registered patent attorney.  Those are a lot of hurdles but I think it is definitely rewarding for those who decide to pursue a career in this area of law.

Do you feel like there are advancement opportunities?

There are definitely advancement opportunities in patent law.  This area of the law is client facing which allows attorneys to develop relationships with clients that could potentially lead to business development opportunities.

Do you have any tips for people who are looking for their first job in the field?

Read as much information on the field as possible. – In fact, the USPTO hosts trainings and informational sessions either via webcasts (or webinars) or live trainings at various locations throughout the country. Schedule informational interviews with attorneys already practicing in this area.  Attend networking with events with the state bar’s intellectual property section.


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