MPEP Classification Quiz #2

MPEP Chapter Sequence Questions

  • Difficulty Level:  Easy
  • What it Covers:  MPEP Classification
  • Type of Quiz:  Sequence

MPEP Chapter Sequence Questions

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This quiz requires you to put the MPEP chapter names in order. The chapter numbers are excluded so you will only see the chapter names. You must put all the chapter names in the correct order to successfully complete this quiz.

This is another quiz to help you learn and eventually check that you know at least the main topics covered in the chapters of the MPEP. While this may seem very basic, many people go into the exam not knowing the main topics covered in the chapters of the MPEP and can’t effectively use it to search. Instead, they waste time trying to figure out which chapter a particular topic is covered in.

While you don’t need to know the order of the MPEP chapters to pass the Patent Bar exam, it’s still a helpful exercise. That’s because within the MPEP, the chapters are numbered 100, 200, etc …  Being able to put them in order helps you think about the structure of the MPEP.  It’s another quiz designed to help you practice associating topics with their corresponding chapter.

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