MPEP Classification Quiz #3

MPEP Chapter Number to Chapter Topic Matching Quiz

  • Difficulty Level:  Easy
  • What it Covers:  MPEP Classification
  • Type of Quiz:  Matching

MPEP Chapter Number to Chapter Topic Matching Quiz

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In this quiz you will be asked to match the MPEP chapter number (on the left) to the chapter topic (on the right).  The MPEP contains so much depth that each chapter contains references to many other chapters. However, for this quiz we are looking for the primary MPEP chapter that covers the particular topic. In this quiz, the topics we list are found within the chapter title and are a major focus of that chapter.

Keep in mind that many chapters contain several major topics. Therefore, many chapters are included within this quiz more than once.

The main focus of this quiz is to test you on the chapters of the MPEP. It’s very important to know which chapter any particular topic is covered in so if you need to look a fact up in reference to that question, you don’t waste time opening and searching the wrong chapter on exam day. With 100 questions and only 6 hours to answer them, you can only spend a few minutes per question.  Many of the questions are in-depth and will take a full minute just to read so you don’t have time to waste.

There are so many facts within the MPEP that you simply cannot memorize them all. To be effective at using the MPEP as a valuable tool on exam day you need to know which chapters cover the important topics.  So the more practice you get matching topics with chapters, the better.

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