MPEP Classification Quiz #4

MPEP Chapter Hotspot Quiz

  • Difficulty Level:  Easy
  • What it Covers:  MPEP Classification
  • Type of Quiz:  Hotspot


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In this quiz you will be shown a block diagram illustrating the different MPEP chapters. You’ll be asked questions on which chapters specific topics are covered in.  To answer the questions you simply need to hover the hotspot over the right MPEP chapter.

This quiz just provides you with another way to review the structure of the MPEP.  If you’re like most, you’ll want to look up several facts on the day of the exam. The more familiar you are with the content in each chapter of the MPEP, the more facts you’ll be able to look up.

So it’s worth taking MPEP classification quizzes like these. It won’t take up much of your time and if you practice with all the classification quizzes we offer you’ll be familiar enough with the structure of the MPEP to know which chapter to open before you start searching. That will allow you to search faster and hopefully get a chance to review more facts in the MPEP the day of the exam.

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