Giving Up on the Patent Bar: Don’t Do It

Young man sitting on floor looking dejected.

If you’ve failed the patent bar exam or have been unsuccessful in completing your preparation for it more times than you can count, you might consider giving up altogether. All of us have faced failure in our lives multiple times. Some of these setbacks make us stronger while others demoralize and dishearten us. However, giving up in the name of adversity does not solve any problems, instead, it makes them worse. Here is why you should reconsider your decision of dropping out and giving up.

1. It’s OK if You’ve Failed the Patent Bar Before

Maybe you’ve failed the patent bar exam and feel unintelligent, demoralized and extremely disheartened. It may be perfectly natural to feel this way, however, this does not mean that you should continue to feel the same way endlessly. The patent bar exam is difficult, challenging and agreeably hard to clear in one go. It is perfectly fine if you did not pass it the first time since countless people re-sit the exam every single year. You can always work harder, prepare better, and try your hand at it again.

Learn from the mistakes that you made the first time around, focus on your weaknesses, and work on them. You will soon notice a significant improvement and this will help boost your self-confidence for taking the exam once again.

2. You’re Afraid You Might Not Pass It

You have prepared tirelessly for the upcoming patent bar exam and have left no stone or page unturned and yet you fear that you might not be able to pass the exam. It’s OK to feel this way, but not giving up on passing the exam just because of the fear of failing is only going to make it tougher for you to try again. By preparing for the exam you are already halfway through; have faith in yourself and revise frequently. You will certainly pass the exam as long as you have prepared well for it.

3. The Feeling of Giving Up Might Only be Temporary

Reviewing your notes, memorizing all the matter and preparing for the patent bar exam can get very exhausting and might overwhelm you, making you want to give up and not sit for the exam altogether. However, this desire to not continue with the preparation and give up on the exam might be temporary and one of the many phases that candidates preparing for the exam go through. It might also just be an impulsive reaction towards the demanding and mentally draining exam.

It’s completely normal and natural to want to give up, but it’s equally important to understand that this uneasiness is only for the time being and is probably being caused because of all the added pressure, stress, and anxiety. Once you have sat for the exam, you will actually be glad that you decided not to give up and went ahead with it. It will be a turning point for you and your career and only benefit you in the future. Therefore, whatever you do, just don’t give up for this too shall pass.