How to Avoid Procrastination on the Patent Bar Exam

Woman in front of computer looking tired and not getting work done.

Preparing for the patent law bar exam can be demanding, time-consuming, challenging and exhausting. Since this exam can be extremely difficult, people tend to avoid studying for it by procrastinating. Although it might not sound like a very serious problem at first, procrastination often leads prospective patent practitioners to fail the exam.

Fortunately, there are effective measures that help avoid procrastination. Here are some of the most common tips to help you avoid procrastination:

Finding Your Peak Productivity Hour

The best way to avoid procrastination is to find out when you work the best and most efficiently. Whenever you sit down to study, notice when you think you are the most productive. You could be a morning, afternoon, evening, or even a night person. Once you’ve figured out your peak productivity time, try to study more during those hours in order to help prevent procrastination.

Get the Most Difficult Tasks Out Of The Way First

Mark Twain famously advised people to get done with the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning so that the other tasks could be carried out more efficiently. The same applies to everyday tasks.

In order to be more organized, productive, and active, it is best to complete the most demanding and difficult tasks first so that you have more time and energy left for the remaining tasks. This also keeps you busy and helps reduce procrastination.

Set Realistic Goals

In order to be more productive and prolific, set pragmatic and realistic goals you know you can achieve. Achieving your set objectives will not only help you get your work done, but will also give you a sense of approval, achievement, and motivation for future tasks.

Create a Flexible Agenda

In addition to ensuring that your goals are realistic, you should also make them flexible. Allow yourself some additional time in order to achieve your goals, and do not be unrealistic, rigid, or limiting with your goals or your schedule. Some days will be busier than others and some will require more focus and energy. Create a schedule that addresses both your strengths as well as your weaknesses and gives you some flexibility with your timetable.

Meditate and Clear Your Mind

Sometimes overworking yourself can lead to procrastination. Studying for long hours and not resting can exhaust you. Give yourself a break, take a deep breath, meditate and clear your mind. This will help you think more clearly, focus more easily, and concentrate better. Meditation will also help calm your nerves down helping you feel more relaxed. This will help you get back to work with more energy and focus.

These are just some tips on how to avoid procrastination which will help you become more productive for preparing for the patent law bar exam.

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