Learn Anything Faster

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Preparing for exams can be tiring, stressful and frustrating, especially when it is a career-defining exam such as the patent bar exam. In such cases, it helps to have some study tips on how to learn things quicker and more effectively.

Read this article to get tips for learning things faster.

Sleep Well

It is of paramount importance that you are not sleep deprived when starting your study session. Ensure that you are well rested, energetic and fresh before sitting to prepare for the patent bar exam so that you are able to memorize the content quickly, more easily, and conveniently. When studying with a fresh mind, you are also able to retain the information for much longer.

Teach What You Learn

Many people claim that teaching fellow students and course mates what they have recently learned themselves helps them to keep that matter fresh and acts a revision session for them. Also, teaching others does not always involve the same learning techniques, you have to opt for different, newer teaching approaches. This helps you understand the topic more clearly and enables you to remember it for longer.

Learn in Short Time Bursts

According to memory experts, it is very helpful and effective to learn large amounts of text and information in short bursts of time. Do not sit down for long study sessions. Instead, opt for numerous shorter study sessions. The small study breaks in between each session will help freshen you up and you’ll be able to learn quicker and more efficiently. Brief but frequent learning sessions are much more helpful in retaining all the information that has been assimilated.

Make Handwritten Notes

When making notes, avoid taking them down electronically and instead write them down by hand. Also, when jotting down the important points try to read them out aloud. This will stimulate your brain cells and your senses, thus allowing you to hold on to the information for longer and memorize it quicker. Hand written notes will also improve your focus and attention span and help you participate more actively.

Use Mnemonics

If you find it difficult to learn all the clauses and statements for the patent bar exam, try using mnemonics. It could be a music mnemonic involving a song or maybe color mnemonics that might help you memorize the matter more quickly. You could also create letter sequences to form sentences in order to better learn the text.

Use Mental Spacing

Mental spacing can help accelerate the learning process significantly. Try distributing your learning material for different days of the week. Going back to it after a pause will help you take it in quickly and you will be able to remember it for much longer.

These are all the tips that you can try in order to prepare for the patent bar exam quickly and more effectively.