March 2014 Updates to the PES-System Patent Bar Review

a-laptop-blogMarch was a busy month for us at Patent Education Series. Here’s a rundown of what we accomplished:

1. The entire online Patent Bar program now runs on Mac’s, iPad’s, iPhones, tablets, and most Smart phones.

That’s right.  All the quizzes and tools will run on just about any device so you’re not limited to PC’s only. This will help you study while on the go or from your favorite device.

The Basic Patent Training course was previously entirely Flash based.  This included the 9 modules, simple quizzes, and glossary of terms.  Since Flash doesn’t run on many devices we switched the entire course over to an HTML friendly format which means it will now run from any device.

This fundamentals course is also more user-friendly than it was. In the past, the glossary required a lot of scrolling. Now you simply click on the term you want to learn more about and the entire definition drops down. It’s a lot easier to use.


In addition, all the Workbook quizzes were previously Flash based. Now each and every Workbook quiz will run on virtually any device (including most Smart phones.  So you can take your studies with you.

We’ve also separated out the short answer quizzes from those with fill-in-the-blank and true/false questions. We did this because we cannot grade your short answer quizzes since the answers are too varied.  So now you can record your scores more accurately.  This will help you when you’re deciding whether you need to spend more time on a particular chapter or not.

Our Workbook quizzes are a major part of the PES-System. We’ve created about 1,000 quiz questions that cover every major area of the Patent Bar exam. By taking the time to answer these quizzes, you’ll be on the road to a passing score on exam day.

2. We’ve updated our demo center so you can try out all our tools before you enroll.

You may find a link to register for the demo area here.

There’s no need to enter a credit card in order to access the demo center. It’s all available for free. All you need is to type in your email address and we’ll send you a link to the demo area so you can try everything out.


The demo includes access to Module I of the Basic Patent Training, the quiz for that module, and a portion of the glossary. You’ll also gain access to Chapter 100 of the Guidebook along with the Workbook quiz for that chapter as well. Lastly, you’ll have access to a topic practice exam through our PatExam Engine.

The demo area allows you to try everything out and see how this streamlined system will help you prepare for the exam.

3. There are now 4 detailed study planners in the full course.

These include 3, 6, 9, and 12 month study planners.  Just select the one that works best for you and get started. Each day is mapped out so all you need to do is follow along. You can find more details and even see portions of the study plans here.


All the study plans are available to you when you enroll in the course. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to study for and pass this exam. Study planners that drill down to the day make this possible. Just pick the plan that makes the most sense for you and follow along.

4.  We’ve added in more PDF summaries and practice exam questions on the new AIA materials.

Our practice questions come from feedback from our clients (who we are very grateful to).  While they are not exact questions (the PTO copyrights their exam questions), they are very similar and cover the material you’ll be tested over.

5. The look and feel of our website has been updated.

We’ve gone to great pains to accurately reflect exactly what you’ll get with enrollment in our course.  This includes the demo area as well as detailed web pages outlining all the key features of our course. We want you to understand exactly what you’ll get with your enrollment and how our course is a crucial tool for helping you pass the exam.

6. Lastly, this blog is also brand new.

We hope to get the design where we want it to be in the next week.  We’d like to turn it into a valuable tool for you to stay updated on the Patent Bar exam and a career in patent law.

There’s a lot more to come, these are the updates that are already implemented in the course as well as on our website.

We’ll keep you posted as more updates are made!

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