Memory Techniques to Help You Conquer the Patent Bar Exam

Illustration of a brain in blue green tones.

Preparing for the patent bar exam can be demanding, time consuming, as well as mentally and physically exhausting. It can get especially frustrating if you find you cannot memorize the content and exam material. Fortunately, there are certain memory tips that help patent bar exam candidates memorize the material better and retain it for much longer.

Mnemonics Help You Remember More

Mnemonics are among the most effective and popular memory techniques because of how they help you remember details easily and for longer periods of time. Mnemonics are essentially any system or device formulated to help memorize text easily; this can be any sequence of letters, ideas, or colors. One of the most common mnemonics is ROY G. BIV, used to remember all the names of the rainbow using the first letter of each color i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Mnemonics can also include music mnemonics where information is memorized using a catchy song’s tune, or rhyming mnemonics where rhyming words are used to memorize information. Use these techniques to learn and memorize the patent bar exam’s matter more efficiently. Make use of rhyming words, your favorite song’s tune, or even letter or color sequencing to help you remember better.

The Chunking Technique Helps

The human brain is limited in the amount of information we can memorize and successfully retain. Due to this limitation, we can only store a restricted amount of data and information in our short-term memory. However, the chunking technique helps us extend and enhance our short-term memory’s range. This technique involves grouping and combining different smaller segments as one bigger segment. This technique helps you remember small, tiny details easily because of the large segments.

Read It Out Loud

Silently reading the subject matter repeatedly certainly helps, but many people claim that reading the text aloud helps them memorize the same content a lot quicker and more effectively. When reading aloud, you are not only reading your text but also hearing it, which stimulates your brain to work more actively. Try reading the patent bar exam material aloud and you’ll be surprised at how you easily memorize the text.

Develop Mental Associations

At times, reading aloud, mnemonics, or even chunking techniques do not seem to help. In such cases, experts suggest creating mental associations with the information that is to be memorized. This helps make the memorization process easier and faster. These mental connections with the reviewed matter acts as flags in your mind and trigger associated thoughts when remembered. For instance, flow charts, diagrams, and idea webs help people memorize information much easier as compared to simply reading the same material.

Mind maps are also a popular mental association method. They help create a visual representation of all the text and information that needs to be remembered and makes it easier for  candidates to remember the information at the time of their exam.

Try these tips if you are sitting for the patent bar exam anytime soon and worrying over how to memorize better and more effectively.

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