Post-August 16th 2018 Hard Copies Ready to Ship

booksThe Patent Bar exam is being updated in August of 2018. Starting August 16th, 2018, the 9th Edition, 08.2017 MPEP + 4 Exam Notices will be the covered materials.

The PES Patent Bar review online course has been updated to reflect this material for the last several months. We have many clients already studying for the exam with this newer version of the program.

The hard copy version of the 08.2017 post-August 16th, 2018 is also now available.

Here are a few important notes to make about the new hard copies. Since we have recently switched the Basic Patent Training to the online Patent Training Workshop, the hard copy version of the course will no longer include any materials for this first step. All enrollees will watch the videos in the Patent Training Workshop online. I think you’ll agree there’s no benefit to putting the Patent Training Workshop put on DVD since online streaming is possible from virtually any device.

Here is what the updated online + hard copy version of the PES Patent Bar review will now include:

  • 12 months access to the online version with everything offered from within the course
  • 4 Volume Guidebook to Patent Law Set
  • Guidebook Supplement
  • Patent Bar Exam Prep Workbook
  • 3 Volume Practice Exam Questions
  • Checklists
  • Course Structure Handout

All the material listed above is also included in the online version of the course. However, if you need to study offline, we offer this in print format for you if you enroll in the online + hard copy version of the course.

Here is the flow for those who enroll in the online + hard copy version of the course.

  • Step I: Patent Training Workshop online. This step consists of 12+ hours of in-depth video, quizzes, and a glossary to get you up-to-speed on patent law. You will have access to all this online.
  • Step II: Guidebooks + Workbook quizzes. You may study from the hard copy manuals to complete this step.
  • Step III: Practice Exam Questions. You may study from the hard copy manuals to complete this step.

The online version of the course continues to be our most popular version. We can offer it to you for a lower price and the interactivity makes it the best choice for many clients. Sign up for a free Patent Bar Review Trial Account to see exactly how that version works.

However, if you think you would benefit from hard copy print materials, we offer that as an option too. If you’ve already invested in the online course there is a link within the client center to get the hard copy package for a lower price. Contact us if you need help finding it.

For the updated 08.2017 post-August 16th, 2018 version of the course, a total of 194 new questions were added. This number includes quiz questions, workbook questions, and new practice exam questions. Although this was a minor update compared to many updates in the past we have spent 100’s of hours checking old questions and writing new questions as well as updating the Guidebooks in the client center. The online version of the course and the hard copy version are completely updated to include all the new material.

We’re waiting to hear your success story next!