Productivity Hacks to Help You Ace the Patent Bar Exam Quickly

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Preparing for the patent bar exam can be laborious, taxing, and exhausting. Most of the candidates aiming to sit for this exam fall prey to procrastination and end up not doing very well on their exam. This article features some effective and helpful productivity tips to help you ace the patent bar exam.

Turn Off Your Phone

Turning off your phone and other electronic devices will help you stay focused and away from unnecessary distractions. Social media can be more time consuming than you can imagine. It’s best to deactivate your accounts while you’re preparing for the patent bar exam since thinking about using it is just as distracting as actually using it. This will help you stay more focused and on track.

Make Study Notes

When feeling lazy or unmotivated, start making study notes. Not only will this bring your attention back to your study matter, it will also stimulate your mind and make you more active. Moreover, writing your notes by hand rather than noting them electronically helps you memorize them quicker and retain them for much longer. Numerous scientific studies have proven that only typing your notes doesn’t leave an impression on your memory, whereas writing down points by hand has a much longer-lasting impression.

Use Different Colored Pens

Constant studying can bore you and exhaust you both mentally as well as physically. To avoid procrastinating, try writing with different bright colored pens. The different colored inks will make studying more fun and less monotonous. By using different colored pens, you are visually separating the notes into different segments making them easier to memorize. This also acts as a mind association trick and will help you remember the different matter written in different colors by just remembering the color it was written in.

Take Regular Breaks

Studying constantly can wear you out easily and make you give up quickly. To remain focused and active, take short breaks from your studying sessions frequently. They will help you reboot and freshen up and you will be able to work more energetically. A short ten-minute break between each study session will allow your brain to rest and you will be able to learn your exam material quicker.

Set Alarms

Some people perform best under pressure when they have deadlines to meet. If that’s what motivates you, start setting alarms and timers for each task you aim to complete. When you sit down to prepare for the patent bar exam, set an alarm for all the topics that you are planning to finish learning that day. This will help you prioritize better and focus more.

Find Your Most Productive Time

Some people work best in the morning while others perform best in the afternoon, evening, or even at night. Find out when you are most active and productive and try studying at that same time every day. This will help you save time and get done with more learning in shorter time periods.

These are all great tips you can follow to be more productive, prepare better for the patent bar exam, and ace it.

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