6 Ways to Keep From Coming Across as Arrogant During a Job Interview

According to the Oxford dictionary, one definition of confidence is “a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities.” Confidence is one of the most essential qualities to have and show during a job interview.

However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance is defined as “having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s importance or abilities.” Too often, job seekers show more arrogance than confidence, which causes them to fail at a job interview. Here are six ways to keep from coming across as arrogant during a job interview so you can land your dream job.

Show Don’t Tell

Show don’t tell is a common phrase used by instructors to teach fiction writing. It refers to showing action or an event rather than merely telling a story about it. During the interview process, it can become easy to boast about your past achievements and accomplishments, and it’s okay to do so within reason. Still, it’s better to show your results through letters, awards, and by using the STAR method whenever possible.

The STAR Method:

  • Situation – Set the scene
  • Task – Describe the job at hand
  • Action – What you did
  • Result – The outcome

By using this method to describe and demonstrate your previous accomplishments, you can display your talents and skills to potential employers and back up your achievements with hard evidence.

Ask a lot of Questions

One reason why many people fail at a job interview is that they don’t ask questions. By not asking questions, you can come across arrogant or as if you already know it all. Asking questions also demonstrates an interest in the job and the company you’re applying for. Ask questions about other employees and their contributions and show real interest in becoming part of the team.

Exhibit Enthusiasm and Excitement

Failing to show enthusiasm or excitement is one reason why many people don’t get hired. Not showing excitement can also come across as arrogant because it may give the impression that you feel the job is beneath you, and you’re not very interested.

Do Your Homework

A few hours of research into the company you’re applying to work for can go a long way toward landing you the job. When you show potential employers that you know something about the company, you show them that you’re willing to invest yourself and your time into learning about the company, its history, and its employees.

Explain Why You Would be an Asset

During a job interview, you want to make it known how and why you would be an asset to the company. One sure-fire way to come across as arrogant is to make it seem as if you’re doing the company a favor by them hiring you. You want to be an asset to your employer. Don’t make it appear as if the company cannot survive without you, but make it clear that you have something valuable to contribute

Don’t Bring Big Ideas to the Interview

A significant mistake job seekers make during an interview is that they bring solid plans and ideas to make the company better or more successful. It’s one thing to make suggestions when asked, but it’s very arrogant to make suggestions or comments during an interview about what a company or business is doing wrong.

Those are just a few tips to help you keep from coming across as arrogant during a job interview. No one wants to hire an arrogant individual as their next employee so make sure to take these tips to heart.

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